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An Iraqi and a Syrian national have been arrested at Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc International Airport after they were caught attempting to smuggle four children through Hungary, the national police headquarters said on Thursday.

The two adults and four children had arrived from Athens late on Tuesday evening. The Iraqi man and Syrian woman were apprehended when it was discovered that the woman, the two boys and two girls had fake names in their Greek passports.

Police established that the suspects had been planning to take the 10-year-old Afghan and 9-year-old Iraqi boys to their relatives in Austria.

They were also trying to smuggle the woman’s 6 and 4-year-old daughters to an Austrian city.

The suspects have been taken into custody and police have initiated expedited criminal proceedings.

The four children have been placed in a state-run orphanage in Fót, near Budapest, and are awaiting immigration proceedings.

Source: MTI

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  1. Kudos to Hungary for their vigilance and determination to ensure the integrity of their borders and stop what is essentially child abuse and exploitation.

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