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Pogány, 2018. május 31. A Magnus Aircraft Zrt. lezuhant eFusion típusú elektromos repülõgépének roncsai a pécs-pogányi repülõtér közelében 2018. május 31-én. A légi jármû kigyulladt, az azon utazó két szerelõ életét vesztette. MTI Fotó: Lendvai Péter

Two men have died after a light aircraft crashed near the Pécs-Pogány airport, in southwest Hungary, the Baranya County police headquarters said on Thursday.

According to a statement on the police website, the small plane went down for as yet unknown reasons a few hundred metres from the airport before catching fire.

Two mechanics, 61 and 42, respectively, were killed in the crash.

The main road section between Pogány and Szalanta to the south has been closed off for investigations.

A spokesman for the Baranya County Directorate of Disaster Protection said the aircraft has been identified as an eFusion type manufactured by Magnus Aircraft.

Unconfirmed sources have told MTI that several Magnus Aircraft employees were at the scene when the accident happened and that one of them had been questioned by police.

Local police spokesman Deján Popovics said police are investigating the accident.

Featured image: MTI

Source: MTI

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