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Fonó Publisher can be proud of a unique achievement: two of its albums lead the WMCE with Boban Markovic Orkestar’s album, Mrak on the first place and the Polish-Hungarian coproduction of Lajkó Félix & Volosi entitled, “Volosi” album on the second place. 

According to the announcement of Fonó Budai Zeneház (Fonó Hall of Music in Buda), no publishing company has ever managed to get the first two places of this chart. WMCE’s list is compiled by the votes of 27 countries’ radiomen who are experts of world music. The results are published on the first day of every month.  

They underline that

this is the second month for the Serbian Boban Markovic and his band on the first place of this chart.

Boban Markovic - album Mrak
Photo: www.facebook.com/BobanMarkovicOrkestar


This is something that has only been achieved by one Hungarian folk music artist: 

Félix Lajkó with his album Mező in 2013.

Lajko and Volosi playing together
Photo: www.facebook.com/volosi

Beside Félix Lajkó there is another Hungarian competitor on this list: Romano Drom with his Give Me Wine album, released by the Riverboat publishing company getting 18th place.  

Not only WMCE keeps the Fonó releases in the top category. Balkan World Music Charts’ quarter-term list is also led by Félix Lajkó and Volosi. Among the first ten, we can find two more Fonó releases – the new albums of Babra and Meybahar. Among them, we can see another Hungarian: Söndörgő with its album Nyolc & nyolc published by the band itself. 

Another important actor of the world music market, the Transglobal World Music Charts, put Boban Markovic Orkestar’s album to the 7th and Lajkó Félix & Volosi’s to the 32nd place. On the same list Söndörgő has 25th place and another Fonó release, Gyimesvölgyi népzene Kistelekről by Levente Vászi and Anita Vercsán, has 31st place. Mezecsinka’s Állj bele a mélybe (publisher: CPL-Music) album had 37th place.

Fonó’s announcement also concerns criticisms of


The prestigious magazine (situated in London) noted many albums of Fonó last year and selected two records to the Top of the World’s featured CD list: Brotherhood (Cimbalom Brothers) and Mrak (Boban Markovic Orkestar) and Mrak (Boban Markovic Orkestar).

Source: nlc.hu

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