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YouTube Music Charts, which shows the most popular songs and trends, is now available in Hungary as well. This feature of the world’s most used music platform has not been available in our country until yesterday.

Infostart reported that, with more than 1,9 billion users, YouTube is the most popular music platform on the Internet.

There are four different music charts available for Hungarian users with new and fresh content every week, but some of them get new content daily.  

Let us see the four music charts in Hungary:

Most popular songs

This chart features the most popular songs and the number of viewers. The system counts the number of viewers by taking into consideration the artist’s official videos the song features in and fan-made videos and contents where they used that song. This list is a perfect representation of what are the most popular songs and what kind of music people like to listen to.

Currently there are three Hungarian artists in the top three: one song by Hungarian singer and songwriter ByeAlex and two from Hungarian rapper Majka, but it also features international artists like Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga.

Most popular artists

This list collects the seven most influential music artists from the statistics of how many records they sold and the most popular songs from their studio albums, and, of course, the number of how many times their music videos have been watched including audio, lyrics, official and remix videos.

The top three places are taken by Hungarian singers: L.L. Junior, Kowalsky meg a Vega, and Follow The Flow.

Most popular videos

This list represents the most popular and most watched music videos on YouTube.

The top three are: Follow The Flow, Majka and Curtis, ByeAlex and the Slepp


This list if different from the others because there are new contents every day. Trending represents what is currently the most popular on YouTube on each day: which artist, which song and which video.

The top three most trendy artists and videos in Hungary are:

  1. ByeAlex and the Slepp – Anya (Mother)
  2. Ariana Grande – break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored
  3. Rizkay, Tibbah – Beatmaking

See the full chart HERE

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