Prague, June 13 (MTI) – The human rights high commissioner of the United Nations has “repeatedly offended Hungary and Hungarians”, Péter Szijjártó, Hungary’s foreign minister, said in Prague on Monday.

Szijjártó voiced resentment over recent remarks by Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein in which the high commissioner referred to human rights violations in some central and eastern European countries including Hungary.

“I take that as offending Hungary and the Hungarian people,” Szijjártó said, adding that the only reason behind the “continued vituperation” could be the Hungarian government’s reluctance to “open up the border before the migrants”.

Photo: MTI


  1. The UN are the biggest bunch of hypocrites around. They are hell bent on using these muslim terrorists to try & destroy Europe. You muslim idiot. You will be part of the reason muslims in general get wiped off the face of the planet. If you think some of us as Europeans & the caucasian nations of the world will just sit back and swallow all your crap, think again. You underestimate us to your own detriment. (moderated by the editor)

  2. I firmly believe that both Mrs Merkel, the cause of all this immigration nonsense together with the useless EU Commissioners should be Impeached for their failure to sort this crisis out. In the meantime firstly it is no use outsiders blaming various individual member states for this crisis due to the lack of the EU leadership to resolve this problem and secondly Europe cannot be held liable for the future accommodation, employment and infra structure for the whole of the world who in their millions are now clamouring to settle here in Europe.
    This problem can only be settled by immigration quota system based on sustainable migration and is economicaly viable. Not some hare brained dream of an outsider. Uncontrolled immigration will threaten the stability of Europe and could very well lead to mass unemployment and financial catastrophy as we seem to be heading for in Europe’s southern states.

  3. What utter rubbish Zoltán spouts. The UN wants to destroy Europe? How is life on your planet?

  4. Jayfess. Please. You must be a leftist, self-hater, muslim or in complete & utter denial. Do you not see what’s going on around you & you trust the UN. Probably got George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Obama & Hillary Clinton posters plastered all over your home. Case in point. One example. Ask any Hungarian that knows their history about what the UN did for Hungary during the Hungarian uprising in 1956? You might be surprised. Please get hold of the DVD Agenda 2: Masters Of Deceit. And then tell me the UN is a peaceful, helpful and loving organization. If that doesn’t convince you, sorry to say there is no hope for a lost case like you.

  5. If you are visiting NYC and decide to get a hot dog at one of the many carts around town, ask the price before you give your order. A dog should cost no more than $2.50, pretzel, $2.00, a soda $1.50, small water or coffee, $1.00.

    I’ve seen the carts around the World Trade Center site gouging tourists.

    Hungary, as a Member State of the United Nations, whose Flag flies outside of the UNHQ, need not pay Attention to the 2nd Avenue,
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