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Index.hu reports that their readers have been complaining about an awful smell in the town of Hatvan:

“People cannot stand the stench on the streets and it has become impossible to air out the houses. We have been collecting signatures, but no one is doing anything about this very unpleasant problem. The local government and the environmental authorities are just pointing fingers at each other” says Ildikó, then adds that they do not even know where the smell comes from.

She thinks it smells like burning trash; many Facebook posts suggest the putrid smell comes from wastewater. It is an even bigger mystery that the stench comes and goes and no one knows why. This has been going on like this for years.

Bosch to invest EUR 61 million in Hatvan plant

Heol.hu reports that the company operating on the former power plant might be responsible for the stinky mystery. They have tried a few things before to contain the smell. They have tried building 6 meter high walls around the sewage sludge pool to make it harder for the smell to travel to residential areas. The manager, Andor Nagy says that they are only partly responsible for the smell, since there could be other sources as well.

According to an article published by HatvanOnline, the government knows what the source of the smell is, but they cannot prove it. They started a stench diary, noting the places where the smell is the most unbearable and examining the possible sources.

Mayor Richárd Horváth said that the local government office of Eger is the one responsible for cleaning this up, it is their job to determine the cause and to find a solution. Of course, the town of Hatvan is also doing everything they can to get rid of the smell.

They have set up several instruments in June to measure the smell, analyse the components and help determine the source.

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Source: index.hu

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