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The Eger wine region is proud to present its own special bottle. Wine lovers will soon get the chance to encounter the new bottle which is to be launched this summer. The design was inspired by a traditional, local bottle and it will serve to distinguish the most prestigious wines of Eger.

„At last year’s Bikavér Festival is was announced by Mr. Zsolt Nyitrai Member of Parliament that in cooperation with the Egri Borműhely (Eger Wine Workshop) a special bottle would be developed following the example of so many other wine regions and hopefully with similar success. A lot of work and long negotiatons were needed to realize the plan but in less than a year we have managed to get to the production stage with the assistance of the Eger Municipality and the Orosháza Glass Factory” says about the story of the bottle’s conception Gergő Soltész, President of the Egri Borműhely.

One of the most important events of the town and indeed that of Hungary was the siege of the Castle of Eger in 1552 when the Hungarian defenders succesfully repelled the attacks of the conquering Ottoman army.

The date and the event are essential parts of the cultural and historical heritage of Eger and this is honoured and commemorated by the Eger wine region bottle with its inscription „1552 Eger”.

The shape was inspired by an old, almost forgotten bikavér bottle used in the 1930s. Only a handful of these old bottles are left scattered in the local cellars. This design was the starting point for the Egri Borműhely members. To conform to modern norms the shape was updated, the colour changed and each bottle comes with the forementioned inscription.

The intention of Egri Borműhely members was to present a bottle that is immediately recognizable and so provides visual assistance for customers looking for Eger wines of superior quality.

To qualify for the application of the new bottle a wine must be made in the wine region and pass the blind test of the local wine assessment jury. The eligible categories are white and red wines, single varietal wines and blends, and the two major brands of the region egri csillag and the only ’hungarikum’ red wine: egri bikavér. The only criterium is to conform to the product description of ’egri superior’ and ’grand superior’. This initiative is open to any local winery that intends to join and can meet the strict requirements.

Minimalizing the impact of winemaking on the environment is high on the agenda of Egri Borműhely members so right from the beginning it was clear that the bottle must be light. The goal by reducing bottle weight was to decrease their carbon footprint and to make another step towards achieving sustainability.

„The idea of the Eger wine region bottle was first brought up a decade ago and I have been lucky enough to be present at almost all the meetings where it was discussed.

On one or two occasions I started to doubt whether it would ever come to fruition however last year the project was reinvigorated and now at last we can hold in our hands the special, distinctive and attractive Eger bottle. It was an important lesson to realize how important patience and persistance can be when it comes to common efforts”, says Tibor Gál winemaker, a member of Egri Borműhely.

The Egri Borműhely was founded by ten Eger winemakers committed to sharing their ideas and working towards a common goal.

It was clear to them that united they can go further and raise the profile of the Eger Wine Region. The direction they envisioned was to develop their wine ranges, to finetune the existing brands and to establish the standards for the highest wine category. In practical terms this means the strengthening of egri bikavér, increase the market share of egri csillag, reframing Szépasszony-valley, the creation and introduction of a special Eger bottle and commitment to make local wines more attractive to younger customers.

The Members of Egri Borműhely are: Bolyki Vineyards and Winery, Egri Csillagok Plc., Eszterházy Károly University, Gál Tibor Winery, Juhász Testvérek Winery, Ostoros Family Winery, Petrény Winery, St. Andrea Vineyards and Winery, Thummerer Vineyards and Winery, Tóth Ferenc Winery.

Source: Wineglass Commication

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