For example, the Parliament, Szabadság tér, the Castle and the Margitsziget is recommended by an old English road film. Additionally to the sights, there are interesting facts about the city, like that the traffic is very good.

The film praises Budapest as it is a wonderful city. The spokesman first mentions some details then introduces the most beautiful sights. He starts with the Parliament, then moves to Szabadság tér, where a memento of the Treaty of Trianon is along with the national flag. After that, he speaks about the Iparművészeti Múzeum, the excellent shopping district then praises the traffic because “Budapest is one of the few large cities of the world that has not yet suffered from the extreme inconveniences of traffic congestion”. But the Chainbridge, the Castle and the Városliget are also mentioned.

The Hungarian spirit of hospitality and the famous gipsy music was also worth to highlight. Budapest, as iti turns out, is also notable of its spas. One of the biggest open swimming pools is located on Margitsziget. There is also the ever-famous Széchenyi fürdő with artificial waves in the pool.


by Oliver Tamasi


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