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The US Embassy Budapest shared a video message in which the U.S. Ambassador to Hungary expresses how grateful she is for having worked in Hungary as President Barack Obama’s representative. “Teljes szívemből köszönöm”.

As the mandate of President Barack Obama ended, Colleen Bell, U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, also finished her assignment in our country, therefore, she shot a video to share her thoughts regarding the years she spent here, writes

The Ambassador looks back at her service as a huge honour and privilege. She considers Hungary a beautiful country with wonderful people, rich history and culture. She travelled all around the country, met many people, and felt welcomed by all the kindness she and her family experienced.

Make sure to watch this video illustrating Colleen Bell’s football skills

Professionally, the Ambassador reflects on the successes the Embassy and the Government made in different areas, as she worked tirelessly to make sure common goals were reached. She highlights that the friendships which are based on mutual respect and shared values, will live on.

I have enjoyed every minute of my work here representing the United States of America. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made in many important issues, including increasing trade, promoting our commercial ties, strengthening our security and law enforcement cooperation and deepening our cultural and educational exchanges.

She also added how she adores the country, and that we can rest assured: she is going to keep on having affections for Hungary and share her great experiences with people not just in the US, but also around the world.

Photo: MTI

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  1. Hey Colleen,
    From Canada, we’re wishing you and your family the best! Thanks for working with my country ties and for the betterment for both’s relations. In the little time you spent there, your work did not go unnoticed. Thanks again for being so open, and interested in all the things that have gone on in this relatively small, but big country.

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