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Edina Szabó will be the head coach of the Women’s National Handball Team of the United States.

Even if you are not particularly into sports, you sure have heard about Hungarian successes, let it be football, swimming or handball.

Street named after football legend Puskás opened in Madrid 

It is not only Hungarian sportsmen of whom the country can be proud. Many people in the industry have achieved several successes. The latest of them is

handball coach Edina Szabó who will manage the U.S. Women’s National Handball Team until the end of the Paris Olympics in 2024,

announced the American Federation on their website.

The Hungarian coach will first be the consultant to the team’s current head coach Julio Sainz. As index.hu writes, remains the director for the North America and Caribbean Handball Championship and the World Handball Championship in Spain, in case they qualify. 

This transitional period gives Edina time to develop a deeper understanding of our program and to learn about the challenges and opportunities associated with USA Team Handball.”, said USA Team Handball Chief Executive Officer Ryan Johnson. 

He added that there are lots of unique challenges associated with American handball that are not often understood by those with European experience

Edina has “incredible, world-class playing and coaching experience” paired with “her attitude and approach, and her vulnerability in acknowledging what she hopes to soon learn”,

so there was no question she was the best candidate. 

Szabó served as General Manager of the French Women’s National Handball Team for 15 years, after having scored 112 goals in 65 games as a player of the Hungarian Women’s National Team. She has also coached in the top handball league in Hungary since 2003 as head coach of Cornexi Alcoa. Szabó also serves as a Professor of Physical Education at the University of Physical Education in Budapest.

She was extremely happy about the decision.I’m incredibly honoured to be selected for such an important and exciting opportunity, and I cannot wait to continue learning more about all aspects of the American handball community. Especially as we continue to approach the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games…

I am eager to devote my time and energy into contributing to the Women’s National Team’s growth and progress…”,

she said. 

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Source: MTI, teamusa.org

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  1. Really who cares, why isn’t she coaching Hungary?
    Bit of an own goal there.. life goes on as it does. Oh but hold on she is Hungarian training American women to play in the Olympics maybe against Hungarians, maybe that is the story. We will see. Come on Viktor where is you input or shall we have a referendum on it like every thing. Hold on while I am on a roll should Hungary hold the Olympics we need a referendum pls, building a Chinese University referendum pls. That is more to do with tax payers money… rant over.. thanks.

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