Autumn is already here and cold weather is knocking on your door. Have you recently caught yourself dreaming about the summer, while wrapped in a blanket? Wishing, you could be somewhere warm and exciting?

You don’t have to spend money on expensive travel tickets; you can experience the atmosphere of Spain right here in Budapest! The Vicky Barcelona bar is located in Dob Street 16, at the very end of Gozsdu Udvar. What makes this bar so special? There is a good description: a little part of Spain is brought to Budapest.


Let’s start with the interior. Vicky Barcelona looks like a typical bar in Spain, with the indispensable picture of a toreador and curtains surrounding every table. We can’t talk about Spain without mentioning the delicious Spanish cuisine. Here you can find a huge variety of Spanish flavors, starting with tapas and finishing with exquisite sea food.

When there is food, there is drinking. Let’s not forget about Spanish wines and the famous sangria. 80% of the products they use are imported from Spain, so you can be sure that you will taste authentic Spanish flavors. If you follow their Facebook page, you can find out when the chef is going to prepare famous dishes, like paella for example. What also enlivens the Spanish atmosphere of this place beyond the food are, of course, the drinks, the decoration, and, naturally, the Latino music. When the clock hits 22:00, the magic begins! Guests start dancing to the rhythms of salsa, samba, bachata, and suddenly you are not feeling that you are in Hungary anymore.


The place is filled with the good vibes, positive energy, and it’s hard to stop dancing.

If you feel like getting out of bed and experiencing the warm and welcoming atmosphere, then Vicky Barcelona is the right place for you!

Written by Aleksandra Zivanovic


Copy editor: bm

Source: Daily News Hungary

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