Colourful leaves on the ground, darkening evenings, rainy days – these are some of the things that characterise this season. Even though these might be associated with negative feelings, we tried to collect some programme ideas for autumn, which all help you enjoy this period of the year.

Go to the market

Enjoy the last autumnal tastes and fill up your pantry with seasonal fruits, delicious jams and desserts from your purchase. Budapest is full of amazing historic market halls, out of which you can surely pick one for the adventure. Among others, autumn is the season of apples, pears, pumpkins, which can be used variously is different savoury and sweet dishes. Visiting the market is a great programme in itself, not to mention the satisfying feeling of choosing the ingredients for lunch/dinner.

Visit flea markets

If you want to spice up your home or office with colourful autumnal decorations, visit one of the flea markets in the city. They are the ultimate spots for unique finds and objects. Searching for trinketry that go well with the design of your rooms, while chatting with the vendors is a great experience.

Climb up the stairs of the Buda Castle or go hiking

The Castle District is full of beautiful sights, this is why it is easy to miss the interesting stairways behind the buildings. If you have some free time, go on a hunt for cool hidden passages, because they are absolutely worth the energy. But if you desire a real hiking experience, then you may choose from many hiking routes in Budapest and basically all over the country, where you can even go with bicycles.

A walk in Füvészkert

The Füvészkert is a beloved spot for walks, dates, picnics, daydreaming and other relaxing activites all year around. Most Hungarians know the 8th district botanical garden from Ferenc Molnár’s The Paul Street Boys and one of its iconic scenes. But you don’t have to hide there like the main character of the novel did, you’d rather take part in a guided tour, during which you learn about the curiosities and natural wonders of the botanical garden.


Exercise outdoors

The start of autumn (and school) is a turning point in the year in many ways. September is the month of restart for many people as they are more likely to go exercising outdoors than in the freezing cold or sultriness. The last couple of autumns have been characterised by mild weather, which is ideal for some sport. It’s hard to find excuses, when the running tracks and outdor fitness parks are waiting for you 😉

Enjoy the panorama from Rudas Bath

This pleasantly cool weather gives you the perfect opportunity to dip into the Hungarian bath culture and relax a bit. The popular panorama jacuzzi on top of Rudas Bath is a great spot, from where you can admire the breath-taking view of Budapest, while sipping on some wine and wandering about the meaning of life.


Drink must in a winery

One of the things that foreigners quickly learn in Hungary is that our nation has a wide variety of traditional alcoholic drinks. The Hungarian wine regions are quite popular all over the world and there are several wineries in the vicinity of Budapest, which have much more to offer beyond the amazing wines. For instance, you should try must for a change. Must has outstanding health benefits: it is believed to be the medicine of the body and the soul due to the many vitamins it contains. Plus, it also tastes amazing. Its alcohol content is less than a brandy bonbon’s, so you can go all out and throw party centred around must.


Drink tea in a new wave teahouse

The evenings are getting colder and colder, so you desperately desire a soul-warming drink. What better way to satisfy your thirst than to visit the closest teahouse? Teas are not only delicious, but they also help with preparing your body for the upcoming bitter weather.

Grill with friends

These are probably the last days to enjoy the harmony of rustling firewood, homemade goulash in the kettle, and crispy bacon on skewers. Invite your friends to a cosy grill or barbecue, and enjoy the sound and warmth of fire. Make sure to have some blankets and warm clothes with you as the nights can get quite cold.

Drink mulled wine and punch

The first winter markets open in the end of November, so if you can’t wait till the Christmas frenzy of December, then you may soon enjoy the intoxicating flavours of mulled wine and punch. The best part is that these locations don’t turn into hell-holes yet, so you can chat with your friends peacefully and don’t have to stand in line for hours.





Go to concerts

With the beginning of autumn we stepped into the indoors concert season, which is great because Budapest has a diverse and lively musical life. Just like autumnal leaves, the selection is quite colourful. Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bryan Adams already blew up the Sportarena, but there are much more to come. For instance, Wolfmother is coming at the end of November.




Cheer for the Hungarian national football team

This autumn marks the European qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup. Hungary started out with a tie against Faroe Islands, a loss against Switzerland, and a win against Latvia. Next up, the Hungarian boys will meet Andorra on the 13th of November and we all hope that the result is going to be another confident win for Hungary.





Enjoy this lovely season!

Copy editor: bm

Source: Daily News Hungary

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