Wine bars started spreading like mushrooms in recent years and each of them represent a different repertoire and a different character. While you find yourself in a romantic interior with dismantled bricks in one wine bar, you can try the most famous items in a sophisticated, trendy environment, in another one. It’s definitely worth visiting them and, to help you, collected 8 must-try wine bars in Budapest, which are less known, but all the more fascinating.

Have you ever wondered why it is worth going to wine bars? First of all, they have much more to offer than a simple pub. The staff is well versed in wines and answer all your questions, which makes it easy to pick your favourite. Moreover, they don’t only offer commerce items, but also the specialities of small vineries that you won’t find on the shelves of supermarkets. There are more than 22 wine bars in Budapest with different wine selections and characters. At some places you can taste bonbons with the wines, while at other places foreign wines and champagnes play the main roles. At many places the wines have takeaway prices, as well, so if you fancy a wine in particular, you can take it home for much cheaper compared to drinking it at the spot.

CultiVini Wine Gallery – V. district, Párizsi Street 4.

You can put together a personalised wine menu with the help of professionals, choosing from 56 wines. There are even three amounts of samples (0.25 dl, 0.5 dl and 1 dl), so you can try multiple wines in smaller amounts. They keep wines in special sample machines, which preserve the wines’ freshness for weeks.

wine bar cultivini

Pohárszék Wine and Coffee – V. district, Aulich Street 7.

Panelling, black and white colours dominate in the cleared-out but still friendly interior. You can choose from desserts, coffees and, of course, wines. When choosing their wine repertoire, their main concern were naturality and high quality.

wine bar pohárszék

VinoWonka Chocolate and Wine Bar – VIII. district, Corvin Walk 2.

You can taste the wines and bonbons of Hungarian producers in this bar, which opened in 2012. They only have products that you can’t buy in hipermarkets. They welcome guests every day with 35-40 types of Hungarian wines.

wine bar vinowonka

Oinos Wine Bar & Bistrot – VIII. district, Rákóczi Square 7-8.

The bar was opened in the autumn of 2014. Its main aim is to provide gracefully elegant, homely Italian hospitality. They have more than 90 items on the wine list and they feel it very important to introduce their guests to smaller, craftsmen vineries as well as famous ones. You can’t try every wine by glass, however, the selection is still quite wide.

wine bar oinos

Drop Shop – V. district, Balassi Bálint Street 27.

They have more than 60 items on their continuously changing list with wines from the most exciting wine regions of the world. They believe that all wines have a story and their job is to tell these stories. “How did a small, black cock that wakes up early become the symbol of one of the world’s most famous wine regions, or how did a Californian farmer defeat the great French chateaus for the first time? All your questions get answered in Drop Shop.

wine bar drop shop

Figula Wine Corner -Addicted2Caffeine – XI. district, Bartók Béla Road 62-64.

The friendly café – wine bar was opened to showcase the whole repertoire of the Figula Winery in the capital city, as wine lovers could only taste them in Balatonfüred earlier.

wine bar figula

Lumen –VIII. district, Mikszáth Kálmán Square 2-3.

Bistro kitchen, coffee roasted on spot, the beers of small cookshops and a unique wine selection characterize this place. Their most important view when they chose their wines were personality, uniqueness and small bearing surface.

wine bar lumen

Kadarka Bar – VI. district, Király Street 42.

Even though it can be found in Király Street it mainly offers the wines of small Hungarian family businesses.  The 80% of their guest circle is formed by the returning, home audience; party tourists are rare. You can taste all wines and choose from 1 dl or 0.75 dl. Kadarka also functions as a winery shop where you can make awesome buys at discounted prices.

wine bar kadarka

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