Whether you are an experienced or just an occasional tea drinker, its worth trying out the diverse world of teas since the most special combinations create amazing aromas. There are plenty of chances to explore the life of teahouses in Budapest and kulturkrimo.blog.hu collected five places that they would especially recommend to anyone.

1000 teahouse and teashop

This place can be found in the Váci Street, one of the most famous streets in Budapest. The outlying teahouse offers cosy relaxation after the bustling of the capital. They order the tea leaves from China so you can try out a lot of special aromas. The interior gives off honest calmness and is neatly decorated. Moreover, they have an online shop so you can order your favourite tea leaves anytime you want to.


Sirius Teahouse

This place is the gate to wonderland! The hidden nooks, passageways and homely corners make this place perfect for heartfelt talks or even a date. Naturally, if you don’t like sitting on the floor, then you can drink your tea at one of the few tables in the hall area. Make sure to visit this cultic place at least once if you have some free time.

sirius teahouse

Red Lion Teahouse (Vörös Oroszlán)

You can choose from the most special teas in the Red Lion Teahouse. The magical interior and the hidden sitting places make you easily fall in love with the place. The staff is very kind so don’t be shy to turn to them for recommendations. Beside the private space, it is the oxygen bar that makes this place really special.

vörös oroszlán

Mosaic Teahouse and Coffeehouse

The Mosaic Teahouse is a real treasure in the heart of the city. It is again the interior design that gives a special feel to the place. They frequently have full house so it is advisable to book a table in advance. Besides the classic tea variations, curious and brave people can try alcoholic teas, while caffeine lovers can choose from a coffee list.

mozaik teahouse

Green Turtle’s Cave Teahouse (Zöld Teknős Barlangja)

You can find this teahouse at Oktogon, another frequented place. Even the exterior foreshadows the specialty of this quite extraordinary place and you immediately see the unique performance as you enter. The huge complex-like place has several rooms with different themes (pirate, Aztec, Egyptian etc.) so everybody can find their favourite.

zöld teknős

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