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Many marketers are scratching their heads when it comes to deciding on putting their marketing budget on a video advertising campaign. If you ask them why they are doing it, you might have to wait for a long time to get a satisfactory answer. 

If we put it in simple words, if you are not using video as a subpart of your marketing strategy, you will lose your race. But what is the difference between Video advertising and outdoor display advertising? 

Today we will show you which one of the above advertising strategies works well for your business and will provide a great return over investment (ROI).

Why Do You Need Video Advertising? 

  • More Viewers More Customers 

There is no denying the fact that every day millions of people surf the internet to watch videos. According to the reports, more than 92% of B2B prospects and 65% B2C prospects watch videos online.

One-third of the purchase that shoppers do only after watching a review video of the product on the internet. The most prominent players in e-commerce, such as Amazon, eBay, have said the sales of a production increase by 35% when the company adds video in its description. Even events like logo reveal and product reveal is watched by millions of people worldwide.

In addition to these figures, more than 4 billion videos are watched on youtube every day. We are sure no matter where your billboard is placed, it will not get that many views in a single day, even if you put it on The Times Square, New York. 

A prime example of this strategy is the gaming console war that is happening right now in between Sony and Microsoft. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next-gen console, and till now, both the companies have created hype all over the internet by mostly using videos and live streaming sessions.  

  • Video ads are designed for mobile users 

The number of viewers watching videos on mobile devices is going up each day, and there is no slowing down. Moreover, Twitter, a popular social platform, is used to share 700 videos every single minute. 

A video has an 88% chance of captivating the viewer’s interest. These short videos can be snippets about your products, their usage, and customer reviews. While,, people who are watching videos on the computer might quickly press the skip button. 

  • Search Engines love videos 

When Google is making changes to its search engine algorithm, it always prioritizes video content on websites to give them an edge on the ranking page. There are so many different platforms where you can easily share your videos and get people to see it. The linking of your video to a website will help in increasing clicks and views of a website. 

A video is a way of giving out precise information in short bursts in comparison to texts. As a result, they are more engaging, and information is given via visuals and audio, so people remember it for a long time. 

  • Videos are easy to make 

Sight and sound are the two most impactful ways of conveying a message to the human brain, and even an average video uses both of these. With the help of the video, you are making a stronger personal relationship with your audience. 

With so many tools and software available online, you can easily make a video for your upcoming product launch.

The Classic Outdoor Display Advertising 

  • Outdoor Advertising is a trusted old school method

If you think modern outdoor advertising came up in the last two decades, you should open a history book. The outdoor display advertising was first successfully put up in 1800, particularly in the US. 

When it comes to creating brand awareness among the local people, nothing can come close to outdoor display branding. One of the main reasons this advertising has become more effective than others is due to its permanence. Once the billboard is up in the night, it will remain in that place for an extended period. 

  • It simply works

61% of US travelers have responded to out-of-home advertisements. Thus, it is a sure way to boost your sales or get your upper floor rented out. When you see something quite often, you will eventually buy that product. The same methodology is now being used by Amazon and other E-commerce companies in their remarketing strategy. 

  • Huge savings on budget

If you are thinking about airing your product on a Super Bowl halftime, you might be in for a surprise. A single ad for 30 seconds cost 4.5 million dollars, and that’s not the only case when it’s a Superbowl. 

On the other hand, if you put even half that money for the billboard or any other outdoor display advertisement, you can cover almost every US state with a number of your advertised billboards, buses, and badges on cars. 

It is even cheaper than putting money on online advertising where you pay per click and pay per view. In addition to this, depending on where you put your ad in the outdoors, you will have a better chance of getting customer and long-term benefits. 

  • Outdoors will give you more exposure

As we have said earlier, billboards will stay longer than your online and TV advertisement at half the cost. Just think about the number of people who pass through the street each day to work, school, and college. 

There’s a reason why highways are filled with outdoor advertisements. A study done by the American Trucking Association suggests that commercial signage generates 65,000 visual impressions each day when put on a vehicle. As a result, to reach far more prospective customers, display advertising is the way to go. 


So there you have it, these are the main difference between video advertising and outdoor display advertising. You can use both if you have a reasonable budget or go with one according to your requirement. 

Video advertising is the modern way of advertising, and the latter is being used and profitable for businesses for more than a century. 

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