Prime minister of Hungary

This is an edited version of PM Viktor Orbán’s annual ceremonious speech for Hungary’s National Holiday on March 15th. In it, he discusses the migrant crisis and the “hidden powers” that are controlling the tides and seeking Europe’s ruin. He urges all Europeans to unite and fight back against their planned destruction.

Photo: MTI


  1. Its funny how a country which was actually formed by immigrants coming to Europe (the Huns) and stealing and attacking the Roman Empire has forgotten its own history and suddenly became the first defender of Europe against “foreigners”. Really? Hungary will soon say that it saved Europe against a catastrophe. Luckily no one listens as no one takes in serious, on the contrary considers Hungary to be naive. But keep on dreaming, ignorance is bliss.

  2. Georgie is a little bit ignorant here.

    1. Hungarians and the Huns have no relations (unfortunately; it would be cool)

    2. All nations took land and were invaders once; I guess 1200 years of staying in place should have made you a local. (Even more if we take the whole Hun relation seriously. In this case we’re closer to 1700 years. Take that, England!)

    3. There’s a gigantic difference between immigration (as in moving to live and work in a country as a person), and uncontrolled mass migration. It’s like saying having one glass of wine is the same as drinking four liters of vodka a day. Orban has a point, unfortunately.

    But Georgie? Ignorance is bliss.

  3. Great to see a European leader worthy of the name, there are none in Western Europe, they are all working for the world order of tyrrany. Well done Viktor, keep up the resistance. I’m sure a fair few Hungarians remember 1956, all the western Europeans seem to remember is the slide into idleness, drugs and sloth. The EU must die so that Europe may live!

  4. Victor Orban is the only one trully leader in EU!He is LEGEND now¨!He is the only one brave and honest EU leader.He is the one that talk pure TRUE!
    Croats respect you Victor Orban, deep respect!Hungarian nation at this moment has the best Human to lead them.
    Long life to Victor Orban!
    V5 :Hungary,Poland,Slovakia,Checia and Croatia,from Jadran to Baltik.Common defense,common science,common culture….Small Europe with Europian values.

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