Brüsszel, 2017. november 24. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök az Európai Unió és a Keleti Partnerség országainak brüsszeli csúcstalálkozójára érkezik 2017. november 24-én. (MTI/AP pool/Virginia Mayo)

The current debate in the European Union pertains to freedom and to the question of whether all countries should be “obligated to become an immigration country”, or they can retain the sovereignty “to say no to that future”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview broadcast on commercial Echo Tv on Thursday night.

Commenting on a hearing by the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) in Brussels, Orbán said that Hungary has cleared up all debated issues regarding democracy before 2013 with the European Union. Hungary has “no debate on democracy”, while the European Parliament (EP) uses it as an excuse to attack the country, he said.

The EP is the “politically most motivated” part of the “Brussels machinery”, Orbán said.

If something happening in Hungary harms the interests of great powers, companies or people, the EP will be the first “to leap to attack our country”, he added.

Commenting on the three infringement procedures being turned over to the Court of Justice of the European Union, Orbán said that these are issues to be taken seriously, and Hungary should present its arguments convincingly. He insisted that the issues “of the university (CEU), the pseudo-NGOs and the quota scheme” all lead to US financier George Soros, “whose problems in turn lead to the issue of immigration”. The CEU is Soros’s university, he funds and directs the NGOs, and migration is part of his plan, he said.

Orbán showed a document in the interview, saying it was Soros’s six-point plan under which Europe should be turned into a mixed culture. The Hungarian government fights against “a very real plan”, he said.

There is an ever growing gap between what western European people think of immigration and their leaders’ actions, Orbán said. This gap “could only grow up to a certain point” and then the people will “sack their leaders”, he warned. “In the end, the majority will follow our views”, he added.

Hungary should learn from the errors of the West, Orbán said. Mixing cultures will not lead to a higher quality of life but to a lower one. This should be forestalled while there is still time, he said.

Many of those purporting migration “believe truly” that mixing cultures is the path to the development of mankind. This might be inspirational, “but it is against common sense”, he said. Accepting people from very remote cultures among us does not lead to a beautiful life, but to parallel societies. We would import hatred, anti-Semitism, the end of the equality of women and of freedom of religion, he said.

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  1. Consider the EU as your father and mother who have the best intentions for you!
    As the world becomes increasingly unstable and you can hardly ask the question what the people who should know, at least when we listen to their words, do so we receive good advice from Brussels. Isolate your home better and that saves your money and in order to reinforce the argument they want to make it even an EU comprehensive law in Brussels. Does it not remind you a little of the rule that on a restaurant table you should only keep bottles of olive oil that have never been opened, which is better for your health and then we will forget about the vacuum cleaners that have become dusty blowers, the lamps which we had to replace to energy-saving lamps allowing us to see better to help you get rid of a banana or cucumber with the right curvature of the skin.
    The European Parliament in Strasbourg, always on the lookout for your well-being, is planning to speed up climate protection. To do this you have to start heating less and that is only possible if you isolate your house better. The extra costs resulting from this depend on the type of house, but will soon amount to € 4,000, at least if your house already has double glazing and is not built with a single-brick wall. That this is often the case in many Dutch houses, especially in rural areas.
    But the EU rule wants to go further. For each EU country, one wants to determine for each EU country how many houses need to be cleaned up of the total stock, and they assume that this is will be be 3%. That does not seem like much, but in terms of spending it will soon be in the tens of millions euro’s. The expected rent increase for an ordinary 80 m2 house will then soon be increased by € 150 per month, but then you will also get warm thanks to Mr. Whisky, whose father joined the Germany army in the period 1939-1945.
    Furthermore, the EU has also issued a special guide to make you more energy-conscious with valuable tips such as turning the thermostat down a little, something that of course never occurred to you, or not taking a shower every day. The comments from colleagues when you walk into the office will meet you in the style of ‘listened to Brussels for sure!’.
    Do not forget to turn off the light when you leave the house that saves energy and, as an extra, roaming Romanian and Albanian burglar gangs will notice that you are not at home and they too will be grateful to Brussels. And, really, if you’re baking, e.g. a cake, then fry another apple pie and the pheasant breast, the oven is still warm. Really the advice of those fathers and mothers in Brussels. Can’t we get rid of these idiots?

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