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Szabadka, 2018. március 26. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök beszédet mond a felújított szabadkai zsinagóga avatásán 2018. március 26-án. MTI Fotó: Koszticsák Szilárd

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in an interview on Monday to Subotican (Szabadka) broadcaster Pannon RTV said: “We must protect the accomplishments of the last eight years, as well as the greatness, the results and future of thinking as a nation and our Christian traditions in order to keep Hungary Hungarian.”

Orbán said these were the main issues at stake in Hungary’s April 8 general election.

“One issue at stake is whether Hungary will still have a nationalistic government in power, so that we don’t trade away the opportunities that our work over the past eight years has opened up for Hungarians in Vojvodina or elsewhere beyond the border,” the prime minister said.

The other issue at stake is one that concerns a deeper cultural problem, he said. Orbán said Europe was undergoing a major transformation, and many governments are bringing or helping migrants get to Europe. This is changing the continent’s traditional cultural image, he said.

“I think many would like to see the end of Christian Europe,” Orbán said. “And they think that if they replace the cultural subsoil and bring in millions belonging to people groups whose roots are not in Christian culture, then they will transform Europe according to their mentality and this will make Europe better.”

“We don’t agree with this at all,” Orbán said.

“We don’t want them to turn Europe into an immigrant continent and Hungary into an immigrant country.

But if we end up with an internationalist government instead of a nationalistic one, then they will dismantle the fence protecting Hungary, approve Brussels’ diktat with which they want to settle migrants in Hungary, and Hungary’s transformation will be under way. This is a serious threat.”

On the topic of Hungarian-Serbian ties, which he called “outstanding”, Orbán said Hungary believes that Europe needs Serbia. “Serbia is an opportunity, it can be value added for the European Union, not a problem, not an obstacle,” he said. Serbia would add to the EU’s resources instead of straining them, Orbán added.

“The EU’s growth is about to come to a halt and right now we need new energy, new nations, new ways of thinking. In this respect, Serbia is the number one candidate,” the prime minister said.

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Source: MTI

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