Prague (MTI) – Visegrad Four countries continue to be commited to the European Union’s Eastern Partnership programme, Péter Szijjártó, Hungary’s foreign minister, said in Prague on Tuesday.

Szijjártó spoke ahead of a meeting of representatives of Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia of the Visegrad group, and Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, and Ukraine as Europe’s eastern partners.

Szijjártó told MTI the meeting was aimed at expressing support for the success of the Eastern Partnership programme.

Concerning the programme, Szijjártó said that “there is no generic solution for all six countries” and insisted that the EU needs to come up with custom-made integration programmes for each. “Without those (programmes) Eastern Partnership is doomed to failure,” he added.

Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia, associate partners to the EU, should be handled separately from the other three countries, which are “interested in a lower level of integration,” Szijjártó said.

Participants in the two-day meeting are scheduled to hold a press conference on details on Wednesday afternoon.

Photo: MTI


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