Jobbik leader Gábor Vona on Tuesday accused the government of misleading the public over migration.
The opposition leader cited deputy state secretary Kristóf Altusz as saying in an interview to a Maltese newspaper that Hungary had taken in 508 refugees in 2015, 432 in 2016 and 1,291 last year. 
Over the past three years, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán “generated mass hysteria” in Hungarian society over the issue of migration, spending 22 billion forints (EUR 71m) on a referendum campaign and “National Consultation” public survey and promising that Hungary would not allow the forced settlement of migrants, Vona said. Yet the government is now pretending as if nothing had happened, he added.

Jobbik is calling for an extraordinary session of parliament and expects Orbán to give account of the issue in person, he said.

Vona accused the government of failing to protect the country’s security, insisting that Hungary had no dedicated border guard and the government ran a scheme offering permanent residence to foreigners who bought Hungarian residency bonds.
Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó, asked earlier how Hungary could have “secretly” taken in 1,300 refugees while it regularly speaks out against Europe’s migrant quota scheme that would allocate 1,294 refugees to the country, said Hungary was fighting the mandatory quota scheme because it would relocate illegal migrants in the European Union and strip member states of their right to decide who they want to take in. He argued that Hungary’s taking in refugees under the Geneva Convention was a separate matter.

Source: MTI

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