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Vona: Attention people! Orbán is letting migrants in after all!

Vona: Attention people! Orbán is letting migrants in after all!

Gábor Vona posted a reaction on his Facebook page to Antal Rogán’s announcement in Brussels stating that the government was eventually willing to let migrants come into Hungary (and the Central European University would be allowed to continue its operation, too).

In response to a question from the media, Antal Rogán said that the government is willing to let 14-18-year-old migrants come to Hungary.

This announcement was made by the Head of Cabinet of the Hungarian Prime Minister after the Saturday meeting of the European People’s Party which was attended by Viktor Orbán as well.

In response, Jobbik’s president Gábor Vona wrote: after running the world’s most expensive referendum campaign featuring a constant anti-Soros and anti-migrant propaganda, it is now finally revealed that

Fina Aristic

“Orbán cannot protect Hungary! Orbán was lying all the time. Orbán finally lets the migrants in, and especially youngsters who will become adults very soon. Orbán took his voters and the entire Hungarian society for fools. He was always emphasizing that it was the most important issue and now he just surrendered. As far as he is concerned, migrants are now allowed to come. Jobbik will protect Hungary. No migrants – neither poor nor rich! Hungary belongs to the Hungarian people!” wrote Jobbik’s president on his Facebook page.


Photo: MTI

Source: Jobbik – press release


  1. Mark

    Dear Mr Vona.

    We need more details. Will the migrants stay in Hungary or move on? Saying no migrants under any circumstances is not wise. We must have diplomacy to stay in the EU as we are like a family. What if Hungary will face massive consequences for not letting them through. It’s not worth it.

  2. Anonymous

    What Orban is doing right and it is good for the country. So why should he change his policy

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