Budapest, November 3 (MTI) – The radical nationalist Jobbik party must demonstrate strength and credibility in order to defeat the ruling Fidesz party in the 2018 election, party leader Gabor Vona told a press conference on Tuesday.

Vona said his party had come “a long way” since its days as a university youth organisation to evolve into a party “attacked from all sides” and “the only true challenger to Fidesz”.

Jobbik today is no longer a niche party, Vona said, adding that it has a stable electoral base and has been successful in becoming a people’s party.

He said that more and more intellectuals, artists, athletes and academics are siding with Jobbik, which, he said, would be crucial in terms of its ability to govern. He added, however, that many people in Hungary are still afraid to publicly back his party.

Vona drew a line between what he called “20th century and 21st century parties”, placing Fidesz and the Socialists in the former and Jobbik and green opposition LMP in the latter category. Vona said the differences between the two categories were more than just generational ones, adding that differences can also be found in the “political attitudes” of the parties in the two groups. He said ruling Fidesz and the Socialists have created a “pointless divide” among voters, which he said had to be bridged in order for Hungary to be successful.

Vona stressed the need to establish a political centre, which he said should represent “modern, conservative and popular” politics. He added, however, that this did not mean that Jobbik was moving towards the centre, but instead meant that society was moving closer to Jobbik.

“Left-right politics is done with, as there is no longer any meaning behind it,” Vona said.

Citing the migrant crisis as an example, Vona said that time and again Jobbik’s ideas “are proven capable of saving the country”.

Vona said one of the main areas in which his party must demonstrate credibility is fighting corruption, which he said was one of the “most uncomfortable” issues for the government.

Referring to Jobbik MEP Bela Kovacs, whose immunity was suspended last month on suspicion that he had spied against EU institutions, Vona said that when the MEP’s case “becomes the biggest corruption scandal in Europe, then you know people have lost it”.

Photo: MTI


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