Reacting on the latest opinion polls, he said that their results put Nézőpont Institute to shame. Contrary to Nézőpont’s findings, all other competitor institutes’ surveys indicated Jobbik as a clear second after government party Fidesz. As he put it: “This is the reality today, Jobbik is the second strongest force, we have the political programme, the organization and the popular support to close the gap on the government party, we have the chance to grow into a force that can replace the government.” In his view, there will be trend changes before 2018.

Jobbik lays particular emphasis on education, that’s why it is a central topic in the real national consultation. Vona noted that there were some strange characters involved in the demonstrations of teachers but the national people’s party must focus on its own work, must address the NGOs striving for a better education system and join forces with them to exercise pressure on the government.

Regarding a state of terror emergency, Jobbik would ensure a period of three days for the government to exercise its special rights, after which the measures could only be extended by the approval of four fifths of the National Assembly. Vona pointed out that, contrary to Fidesz’ proposals, Jobbik would limit the government’s rights and only keep the measures that are truly suitable for managing a special state of terror emergency. Warning the public, he reminded viewers what may have happened back in 2006 if former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány had been able to exercise the rights now proposed by Fidesz. Responding to the attacks from the government, he stated that, regardless of what the government party’s politicians say now, Jobbik had always demonstrated a constructive approach to the issues of migration and terrorism that threatened Hungary’s security. “If Fidesz was truly interested in developing a solution, they would not be acting as a stubborn little boy but start negotiating with Jobbik,” he added.

“I am not at all thrilled with Gyula Budai’s performance as a government commissioner for holding politicians accountable, he has done no real work at all,” Vona summarized his opinion about the previous commissioner but “if Budai says Andy Vajna is too much for him, it should be noted” even so. “Vajna’s activity seems to blow a fuse or two, not only in Jobbik or the public eye but also within Fidesz,” he reflected on Budai’s statements published in weekly magazine Heti Válasz.

Vona refrained from commenting the political discourse centred on the movie Son of Saul. Instead, he suggested that the film Mounted Archer should be made available for students free of charge. In his State of the Nation address on Saturday, he talked about the importance of building bridges, and he expressed his belief that this film was able to do that.

Even though it was a historic moment that Gábor Vona’s speech was broadcast live for the first time by three television channels (Echo TV, Hir TV and N1 TV) – the broadcast of the latter being viewed in 57 countries – , there were disappointingly few media reports about Jobbik’s season-opening event and the statements made there. The media basically kept silent about the idea of “building bridges”, a central message in Vona’s speech, even though he clearly expressed that a governing force must equally understand the sorrow and pain of the so-called pro-left and the so-called pro-right people as well. The other message that was completely ignored by the mainstream media was his announcement of real national consultations on healthcare, corruption and education. “Nevertheless, we have already begun the organization,” stated Jobbik’s Parliamentary faction leader. “Jobbik is growing, moving up step by step and is able to reach more and more citizens, that’s what a people’s party does,” Vona said in reference to Jobbik’s progress into a people party which is frowned upon or ridiculed in various places. Finally, he made a promise to visit each county seat to discuss national consultation and the people’s party policy with citizens who agree with Jobbik on the need for a change and a new government.

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