During the summer, several retail workers threatened to quit – sometimes the whole labour force – because the amount of work they had to do was constantly growing, but their wages were low and they got no raise – writes nol.hu, in connection with Auchan’s recent announcement that their 4200 workers will get a 10% raise, index.hu reported.

As a protest of having to pay more and more taxes, multinational companies decided to cut their spending where they could – workers’ wages. However, this method became unsustainable and companies realized that in order to keep the labour force from going abroad or switching to better paying jobs (e.g. going to automobile factories), wages have to be raised.

Auchan’s decision will affect other companies as well, and on the regularly held wage negotiations in January Auchan’s 10% raise will serve as the base. Many companies are still waiting for the government’s official announcement about raising the minimum wage, but according to the sources PM Viktor Orbán also plans a 10% raise.

translated by Adrienn Sain

Source: index.hu

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