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As an ex-intelligence agent says, the Szájer-case could have been organised to trap him. What else do we know about the party, the organiser, and what consequences will the resigning MEP have to face?

According to ex-intelligence agent László Földi, all secret service agencies were aware of Szájer’s sexual identity. Földi has suggested to 24 that Szájer is a victim of a secret service operation – the orgy in Brussels was organised to set a trap for Szájer who indeed fell for it. Földi told Magyar Nemzet that the person who invited Szájer was probably ordered to do so by a secret service agent – they knew he would be there, and the curfew restrictions served as a good opportunity to catch him.

Földi also suggested, if we believe Szájer that he did not know about the drugs he was carrying in his bag, that someone putting them there could have been part of the operation. He also connects the case to Hungary and Poland’s veto – suggesting that they wanted to threaten Fidesz’s politician.

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He is not the only politician visiting the sex parties

According to Telex, Manzheley, the host of the Brussels orgy, is a 29-year-old man who has been organising these sex parties for more than 2 years. The orgies are only for gay men – women can only participate as the audience. He often has Hungarian, as well as Ukrainian, French, German, Dutch, Luxembourgian, Swiss, and Spanish politicians, who have families and always ask him for discretion.

As he told a Polish newspaper, he knows 9 politicians from Fidesz who has been visiting his parties.

The party on Friday violated the curfew hours. According to Manzheley, someone forgot to close the door so the police could just walk in. “Some of the guests tried to unzip the policemen’s pants because they thought they were part of the orgy.”

The consequences Szájer will have to face

Other than the unwanted attention, Szájer will also face a significant financial loss due to resigning from his MEP position – he could lose compensations worth 16 months of his salary, says Menedzsment Fórum.

The weakening of the Hungarian currency benefited those who receive their salaries in EUR – so, for example, MEPs. Besides their monthly amount, they also receive compensations to cover accommodation and meal costs on days they officially have to spend in Brussels or Strasbourg, and other necessities like work tools and travel costs.

After an MEP’s mandate comes to an end, they still receive compensation (the amount of their salaries) for as many months or as many years they were in office. So, if Szájer would have stayed in office until his mandate ends in 2024, he could have received his salary for another 16 months. This means that he now potentially lost HUF 38 million (EUR 106,469.85) by resigning.

Since he is now 59 years old, and representatives receive a retirement pension from 63 years, he will only receive 56% of the amount of his salary instead of 70%, so HUF 1.3 million (EUR 3,642.620) instead of HUF 1.6 million (EUR 4,483.224).

Source: 24, Magyar Nemzet, Telex, Onet, Menedzsment Fórum

  1. Incredibly weak excuses. Shocking to come with this in the aftermath. The guy walked into this of his own free will. Terribly weak to try and shift the blame onto outside factors.

  2. Presumption of Innocence until proven Guilty.
    The – Scales of Justice, muchly are evidenced on Jozsef Szajer – that Guilty is weighed to befall him in the final investigations and judgement imposed on him, through his conduct and doing – his involvement and participation of this embarrassing act of reckless senseless abusive of position, that Jozsef Szajer will be examined on.
    Jozsef Szajer – has read Law, and would know, that ones strongest form of Defence – when answering to matters that question accusations or involvement – requiring Candour and Honesty, in answering – that TRUTH, is
    the mainstay or backbone of your Defence.

  3. @Andrew – all that he is denying is ownership of the drugs found in his backpack. It’s straight forward matter, hardly a case for Rumpole of The Old Bailey!

  4. I read the MEP asked the police to drug test him and the police refused. Why? I also read that when the police showed up the door was open and the police walked inside, people at the party thought the police were part of the party. The other party guests tried to take the polices’ pants off. Again why? This whole incident is very odd.

  5. Who cares if a person is gay/straight/bisexual? It’s a private matter and not up for censure in a civilised society. What we do care about is hypocrisy and breaking the law. That’s after we’ve stopped laughing at the spectacle of a right wing anti gay MEP getting caught with his trousers down.

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