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After the orgy scandal in Brussels, the former Hungarian MEP, József Szájer, got into the crossfire of the international press. This is how they write about the case all around the world.

As it has been confirmed, last Friday, the former Hungarian MEP took part in a sex party in Brussels in violation of epidemiological restrictions, from which he tried to escape from the police through the gutter – unsuccessfully, as the Belgian police arrested him and found drugs in his bag. Since then, several international news outlets reacted to the hot news, reported

The Belgian HLN writes about the details of the sex party

On Wednesday morning, one day after the outbreak of the Szájer scandal, Belgian news portal HLN published an interview with the 29-year-old doctoral student who organised the orgy referred to as a “house party” by the resigned Hungarian MEP. David Manzheley said that the police in Brussels acted rudely, insulting the participants after they slammed the door on them at half past ten. In his words, they just had a drink like in a cafe while the guests had sex with each other”.

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British papers highlighted that Szájer was a politician in an anti-LGBTQ party

The BBC also reported on the case, highlighting that the Szájer scandal described in the media as a “gay orgy” is particularly embarrassing for the Fidesz party, who campaigned for traditional family values and recently submitted a bill banning adoption for gays. Vice, which rarely reports on Hungary, also wrote about the case, emphasising in the title that Szájer was a politician of an anti-LGBTQ party. The Daily Mail, The Times, The Guardian, The New York Times, and The Washington Post wrote about the case in a similar tone. 

The German press was quiet

No opinion articles have been published about the case in Germany. The right-wing Bild, which had previously published exclusive interviews with Viktor Orbán, brought the detailed news entitled Orbán’s partner was detained during a gay sex party, mentioning that Szájer is in the same EP group as the German CDU and the Bavarian CSU. A Hungarian nationalist is casting his EP mandate, the left-liberal Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich writes in the title of the article, based on the material of the German dpa news agency.

The German reports that 10 years of illiberalism was not enough to learn that Viktor is written in Hungarian with “k” and not with “c”, and they highlighted Szájer’s constitution in addition to the description of the story. 

According to the Austrian Die Presse, Szájer is hypocritical and cynical

Oliver Grimm, a publicist for the conservative Die Presse in Vienna, commented on the news, calling the resigned MEP hypocritical in the title. According to Grimm, it is cynical that one of the founders of Fidesz denies in such a spectacular way the anti-liberalism, open anti-socialism, and anti-enlightenment propagated by the party.

Romanians write about gay orgy and the reaction of the Hungarian pro-government press

The Romanian newspapers point out that the MEP is a member of the Hungarian government party that has recently submitted a number of anti-LGBTQ bills. The right-wing Adevărul published a short portrait of Szájer, and the liberal G4media reviewed the Hungarian government press articles on Wednesday morning. According to them, the Szájer scandal has just been blown up because the EU wants to punish Hungary for EU money and the rule of law mechanism.

The Czech press highlights the escape through the gutter, the Slovak newspapers highlight drugs

The Slovak and Czech newspapers only report on the scandal of József Szájer and its circumstances. While the focus of Slovak newspapers is on the drug found at the party, the Czech newspapers highlight Szájer’s escape through the gutter.

The Czech news portal Mladá fronta dnes introduces its summary in tone: “Orbán’s MEP was in a hot orgy. He escaped from the police through the window.” The Czech business newspaper Hospodářské noviny reports: “The Hungarian MEP was arrested in an illegal gay orgy. He tried to escape from the police through the window.” 

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  1. The full wrath of denunciation for the recklessness and the abuse of his position in Political Life, the direction this EMBARRASSMENT – its impact into society and the political environment of Hungary, will take time to heal.
    What “riles” me, is that Jozsef Szajer is a Educated person.
    Jozsef Szajer through his educational background – that widely extended outside of Hungary, the letters he has after his name, what has he Factorially learnt from his extensive education and travel ???
    Education – years we spend at it, receiving our letters – the BIG lesson that NEVER changes is – when questioned – the years you spent at University, getting the letters after your name – what was it – what was the real learning or lesson – that you learnt ?
    Answer : it taught me to THINK.
    Jozsef Szajer – his inability to put into place a – THINKING – process that caused this Scandal and Embarrassment, the BIG lesson learnt from education Jozsef Szajer – displayed that he FAILED.
    In part – the FAMILY – Traditional Values – ideas and philosophies of the policies that are “core” in the Fidesz Party – personally I tolerate.
    My unequivocal position is that the LGBTG – position and policies governing them, elevating them into a humanistic integral part of modern day 21st century life, not demonizing them, but the need to provide a voice to them, in modern day Hungarian Society.
    This should be the position, a balanced position that Fidesz work to-wards establishing.
    Tolerance – it can work around the core family elements that are the ethos or doctrine of the Fidesz Party, exhibiting Tolerance – balancing out and finding that common 21st century ground, that work together, moving society in a forward THINKING process, to ensure the total elimination of ostracizing of those who are choose to be part of the global and growing LGBTQ – Family.
    Jozsef Szajer – his lack of THINKING – damages the vitalness of continuing on-going dialogue – HOPEFULLY – between Fidesz and the LGBTQ leadership group.
    Hungary – we must embrace display Tolerance – to ALL people from whatever “station in life” – they come.
    Hungary – if we continue this negativity – separation – defaming – belittling and ostracizing of LGBTQ – not accepting them – as an integral part of the modern forward THINKING – the on-going development of Hungarian society, relationships will continue to fragment, divide, separate, disappear and Probably – cause Political and Social unrest.
    Jozsef Szajer – his lack of THINKING – has soiled and stained Hungary.
    He has set back any forwardness that may have been in process with the
    Fidesz Party and the LGBTQ leadership group – in the NEED to find – TOLERANCE.

  2. @P.B.H May – Szájer’s offences were violating Covid regulations, attempting to flee from the police and for having ecstasy tablets upon his person. His sexual activities were perfectly legal. The ‘real crime’ in the eyes of many is his rampant hypocrisy: a heterosexual homophobe is bad enough, but a gay or bisexual homophobe is even worse.

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