Slowly the whole world is getting to know the famous Hungarian fruit brandy. The spirit is notoriously strong (there is even a pálinka challenge going around on Youtube) and usually only the bravest are willing to try it. As a Hungarian, I always enjoy watching other people try it for the first time. I can never not chuckle.

The headliners of Sziget try pálinka

World-famous Sziget Fesztivál is the biggest music festival in the country, attracting hundreds of thousands of people every summer. Two journalists working for Sziget Festival Official decided to go backstage at the Island of Freedom back in 2014, and they made the biggest headliners try our traditional Hungarian spirit, the heart and soul of our nation: pálinka. Check out how, among many others, Miles Kane, Skrillex, Bastille, Imagine Dragons or the Crystal Fighters like the special liquid.

Freddie Mercury tries pálinka

If you have already seen Bohemian Rhapsody, and you currently have that “Queen fever”, this video is for you.  See how the biggest star in the 1980s, pop icon Freddie Mercury, liked a shot of some real Hungarian pálinka. Was it too strong even for him?

There is a whole video on Freddie Mercury’s visit to Hungary. If you are interested, check out our previous article about it:

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Random festival goers try pálinka

Frankly, it is just as fun to watch ordinary people try pálinka for the first time as it is to watch famous pop stars. Blikk made random people they met at Sziget try the notorious drink. People were very brave to try the drink from the mysterious flask. Even though the general impression of people were frowns and shivers, there were a few who appreciated the strong brandy.

My favourite person in this video is the girl whose friend tries it, then the interviewer asks her: “Do you want a taste?” and she just simply says: “I can smell it, no thank you.”

Buzzfeed tries Pálinka

From 2:00 minutes, you can see how people from Buzzfeed reacted to some good old Pálinka. The American internet media and entertainment company always makes its employees try international foods and drinks on camera, and it would have been a HUGE MISTAKE if they left pálinka out of their list.

I sort of ran out of funny videos to watch, so here is a collection of pálinka memes I found on the internet (with English translations where necessary).



“When you are the biggest star in the world, but pálinka is still stronger than you.”

“When pálinka hits you and you are really trying to keep it down.”

pálinka meme
Photo: By DanX27

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Source: YouTube, Wikipedia, Daily News Hungary

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