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The rainbowman on top of the Debrecen Eye

A mysterious Hungarian man climbed up to a 45-metre-high wheel and even walked on the moving Debrecen Eye to amaze people. It was not the first spectacle by the man, and we hope that it was not the last either…

On a February morning, the people of Debrecen were shocked when they saw a man stepping aloft. Among other Hungarian online newspapers, hvg.hu posted a video of the umbrella man, climbing up and walking forward on the moving wheel of the Debrecen Eye, on the city’s Kossuth Square.

See how he climbed up and walked on the wheel:

As seen in the video, he did not use a securing rope or protective gears; it would have annoyed him anyway, he commented.

“Do not do it after me!” – said the man after his action, warning everyone that only professional stunts are allowed to do similarly dangerous spectacles.

It was not his first action though. The nameless hero was standing on top of  VOLT Festival‘s eye before, appeared on Elisabeth Bridge and even on the surface of the River Danube.


His photographer, Péter Kálló, told the media:

“It is not for the public who this person is, but I can say that he is a very good friend of mine, a stunt, for whom the Debrecen-show was not as life-threatening as it looked.”

Umbrella man has been a stunt for 30 years. The spectacles and challenges that he has been doing are part of his ‘Balance’ project, which includes climbing up and posing on Hungary’s sights in his usual clothing: the black suit, the umbrella and the black cylinder. The purpose of ‘Balance’ for him is to perceive and feel everything around him that creates a balance between his mind and physical surroundings.

Featured image: youtube.com

Source: hvg.hu

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