We got used to sculptures so much that most of the time we don’t even realize their presence. Often, we pass by strange objects without looking at them, even though sometimes we should. We decided to slow down a little bit and walk with our eyes open in search for something interesting. We found what we were looking for, reports WeLoveBudapest.

Theater, or “Hofi” sculpture
Instead of Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, this sculpture in Nagymező utca portrays Geza Hofi, a famous Hungarian actor-comedian, therefore the story it tells is also a little bit different from the original one of Shakespeare’s famous play. The spectacular object in the middle of the Broadway of Pest was unveiled in 2004 and it intends to represent the joy of acting.


Dragonflies at a playground
The intention behind this sculpture is a mystery. If the almost 2 meter-tall insects were mosquitos we could at least joke about their location at Vérmező (Blood field), but since they are dragonflies we can’t find an acceptable explanation. One thing is for sure though. Kids and odonatologists (dragonfly scientists) really appreciate the strange creatures in the middle of the playground.


Floating siren
Sirens can do many unexpected things, according to ancient Greek mythology. It’s also very unexpected that a siren sculpture was chosen in 1990 as the main decoration of Liget Hotel. The dancing siren doesn’t fit in the environment at all, so we have to assume that it’s all about tricking more guest into staying here… you know, once a siren start to sing, no man can resist.


Making a mouth
Hiding in the 2nd district there is an adorable sculpture, waiting to be smiled at. The object is so strange that it’s impossible to find out what it means. After some research, however, it becomes all very clear; it is what it is: a man doing a handstand on an imaginary sea creature and it’s simply about having fun. How could it be more obvious?


Centaur fishing for tritons
Tritons are half human and half fish creatures, and by looking at the sculpture in Széchenyi fürdő we can learn that they are also delicious treats for centaurs. The horse-like warriors, according to the well-known Greek stories, normally kidnap women, but this time they seem to be craving for something special.


Chess players
These chess players don’t seem to be distracted even by the presence of Steve Jobs whose sculpture is also here in Graphisoft Park. It looks like they have plenty of time to consider their next move, but the chess figures on the ground reveal that we are witnessing a furious struggle. We know it would be great to pick them up and join the game, but unfortunately it’s not possible because of a wire.


Source: We Love Budapest, Photos: szoborlap.hu, panoramio.com, budapest-foto.hu

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