According to, we can expect rain and thin snow-blankets in regions characterised by flat, plain surfaces. Check out our brief weather forecast for the upcoming days, and plan your programmes accordingly 😉

Expect a heavily clouded and gloomy sky and precipitation on Saturday. In the central part of the country and the Transdanubia region, the precipitation will probably manifest in the form of snow or sleet, while the inhabitants of the eastern part of the country should prepare for rain.

Snow-blankets of 10-15 centimetres could form in the highland areas, where the snow will probably melt in the plainer regions, however, depending on the intensity of the precipitation, a few centimetres of watery snow could last.

The northern, north-western wind will be quite strong in the morning, whereas it will turn southern, south-western at the eastern border in the afternoon hours. The lowest temperatures at night are expected to fluctuate between -1 and +5° Celsius.

Daytime temperatures will be around 1-5° Celsius, but it can even reach 6-8° Celsius in the south-eastern country parts.

The weather will be more pleasant on Sunday, with less clouds and some sunshine. A bit of precipitation might occur in the morning hours, but most of the day will be dominated by clear skies and breezy air conditions.

The lowest temperature at night could reach -4° Celsius, but it could be even colder in highland regions. The highest daytime temperature is expected to be around 6° Celsius.


According to, the weather will stay more or less similar in the first part of the next week. Monday will bring about a sunny morning and a cloudy afternoon. Clouds will block the sun’s way on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Moreover, precipitation can be expected sporadically.

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