Budapest, 2017. augusztus 6. Gyalogosok futnak át az úttesten az esõben Budapesten, az Állatkerti sétányon 2017. augusztus 6-án. MTI Fotó: Kallos Bea

Last week’s weather was not only hot and perfect for having fun on the beaches, but also quite stable with all the heat records beaten. This consistent weather seems to disappear as yesterday the cold front arrived. It came with heavy rains and the temperature got lower by even 10 degrees in certain parts of the country.

Thunderbolt at Lake Balaton, photo: MTI
Thunderbolt at Lake Balaton, photo: MTI

The first part of Monday is cloudy, showers may appear. However, during the day clouds will disappear and sunny weather will be dominant in most of Hungary. The northerly wind will be strong in the beginning, but it will weaken gradually as times goes by. The air gets fresh: the temperature will be between 20 and 29 degrees. All of this is the result of the cold front reaching the country.

Tuesday will be the only sunny day of the week that resembles last week’s weather. Sunny and dry weather can be expected with the temperature around 27-30 degrees.

The heat stays and gets stronger on Wednesday and Thursday as well, but rain can also be expected. Wednesday brings sunny and cloudy weather at the same time. Showers and thunderstorms may appear, but they will not be determinative. The temperature may get as high as 38 degrees. It will be sunny and warm on Thursday, but thunderstorms arrive in the evening. The southwesterly wind will be dominant until the evening, then it will be dismissed by the northwesterly wind getting stronger. It will also be hot, the highest the temperature can get will be around 37 degrees.

Friday brings cloudy and windy weather. Showers will be dominant in the West, while thunderstorms in the East. The northwesterly wind will get really strong throughout Hungary. The heat will disappear, the maximum temperature will drastically fall to only 25 degrees.

Due to the strong northwesterly wind, the clouds will disappear on Saturday and sunny weather will come back in the West. However, showers and thunderstorms may stay in the East. The highest the temperature can get will be between 20 and 27 degrees.

During Sunday the wind will get slowly get weaker and clouds will leave the Eastern part of Hungary as well. Sunny weather can be expected, the temperature will be around 26 degrees during the day.

Below the chart of can be seen.

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