Budapest, July 8 (MTI) – The national weather service issued a storm alert for five counties in central and eastern Hungary on Wednesday.

Heavy storms hit Budapest in the afternoon, halting traffic in several parts of the city and causing delays at Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

By Wednesday evening, the fire services were alerted to some 1,600 sites in Budapest to help with fallen branches or flooded basements, a spokesman said. Peter Kolozsi added that the roof of a house collapsed in a south-eastern neighbourhood. No injuries have been reported.

Nationwide, disaster management staff were called to help at over 2,400 locations with uprooted trees, broken electric lines or flooded facilities. Several buildings were struck by lightning and went ablaze. Most damage has been reported from western, central, and northern Hungary.


The cold front ended the recent heatwave, reducing daily highs of 36 Celsius by over 10 degrees just within a few hours.

Photo: MTI


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