Nyíregyháza, 2017. május 28. Strandolók az Aquarius Élményfürdõben Nyíregyháza-Sóstógyógyfürdõn 2017. május 28-án. A strand ezen a hétvégén nyitotta meg a kapuit. MTI Fotó: Balázs Attila

After the changeable weather of the last few weeks, we really deserve the dog days coming this week. During the week, only Wednesday will bring a little change with some rainfall, but the temperature will keep being high. After the sweltering heat of the weekdays, the weekend will be a real release with its changeable weather.

Monday is characterized by sunny weather without a drop of rain, only a few clouds may appear in the sky. The temperature will be between 25 and 28 degrees during the day. Yet Monday is only the forerunner of Tuesday’s weather.

On Tuesday the temperature will get higher, and may even reach 30 degrees. No clouds will bother anybody, so if you want to go to the beach, Tuesday seems to be a good choice. The wind will be weak as well, so Tuesday will be really sunny without any disturbance.

Wednesday marks a turning point in the week’s weather. Right from dawn, a considerable amount of clouds will gather in the sky and showers and thunderstorms can be expected throughout the country. The north-westerly wind gets stronger, it can blow by 18 km/h. However, the temperature will not fall, as it will be around 29 degrees during the day.

On Thursday, the weather will recover itself and it will be very similar to that of Monday. The weather will be mostly sunny with only a few clouds but without considerable rainfall. The highest the temperature may get will be around 28 degrees.

The weather of Friday will be the hottest. Again, only a few clouds may appear in the sky, some places might even get a little shower, but generally, a great heat will dominate the whole country. The temperature may even reach 32 degrees. However, as the wind will blow by some 17 km/h, perhaps it will make the heat bearable.

After these dog days, the weekend will bring some cooler weather, but not regarding temperature. On Saturday, the highest the temperature can get will be around 31 degrees, while on Sunday it will be around 30 degrees. Showers and thunderstorms can be expected from Saturday afternoon on, and the wind will also get stronger. On Saturday, it will blow with 30 km/h, while on Sunday it will get milder and blow with only 22 km/h. But this will only be a short period of relief, as next week the sunny, hot weather will come back.

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