This week’s weather will not bring much change, we can expect sunny weather almost every day, reports Clouds may appear, but they will only sporadically result in some mild rainfall. Conclusion: summer is here and wants us to enjoy its great weather.

Monday‘s weather is warm and sunny, only a few clouds may appear here and there, but they will not cause any rain. The highest temperature will be between 26 and 31 degrees, as the result of a warm front. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen before going out.

Tuesday will not change Monday’s weather radically: sunny weather can be expected, but clouds and a little rain can appear in the Southwest regions. The north-westerly wind will strengthen a bit, but its strength will only be around 18 km/h. The highest the temperature can get on Tuesday is around 26 degrees.

Wednesday‘s weather will be variable throughout the country. Cloudy weather can be expected with some rainfall now and then. The wind will continue to be strong, but its strengh will be reduced to around 16 km/h. The highest temperature of Wednesday will be between 23 and 28 degrees.

A few clouds may appear on Thursday, there is a little chance of rain. The sun will shine all day, and the temperature will get higher: the highest the temperature can get is between 24 and 29 degrees.

Friday will bring rainy weather back: with only a few clouds at first, but much more in the afternoon. Showers and thunderstorms can be expected, especially in the afternoon, so be aware. The north-westerly wind will get stronger in the evening to 17 km/h. The highest temperature will be around 25-30 degrees in the afternoon.

The weekend will strengthen the windy weather of the week. Saturday‘s weather will be a bit colder with the highest temperature around 23 degrees and ocassionally showers throughout the country. The wind will get twice as strong as during the week, it can blow by 40 km/h. Sunday‘s weather will lack showers, but strong wind stays. The weather will get warmer, as the highest the temperature can get will be around 25 degrees.

Below the chart of can be seen.

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