Napoleon, Hungary, wedding
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Jérôme-Martin Langlois – Hello world

The two historical families united again for the first time after two hundred years.

Blikk reported that the most historical wedding of the 21st century happened in the previous days. The 33-year-old Jean-Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte said the happy ‘yes’ at a ceremony held in Paris to the 31-year-old Countess Olympia Arco-Zinneberg.

The historical wedding is related to the Hungarian nation as well. Countess Zinneberg is the grandchild of the last Hungarian king Charles IV. The Countess is the offspring of Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma (1791-1847) who was the second wife of Bonaparte Napoleon.

As the daughter of Ferenc I Hungarian-Czech king, Marie Louise also held the title of Her Royal Hungarian-Czech Highness and was the niece of Archduke Joseph, Palatine of Hungary.

Marie Louise became the wife of Napoleon in 1810, and after more than two hundred years, the family united again.



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