Budapest, 2017. november 29. Férfi és nõ sétál a behavazott Normafánál 2017. november 29-én. MTI Fotó: Mohai Balázs

From the weekend on, the weather will be somewhat colder and it will be rainy. In the Eastern part of the country, it might even snow. We can expect stronger winds and at nights, it might be freezing, too, says

On Friday, a serene, sunny weather can be expected, then from noon, the sky will be considerably cloudy. There will be a few sunny hours in each part of the country, on the Tiszántúl, sky will remain clear until the evening. Starting from the early afternoon, it will start raining, first in the Western part of the country, then It will spread, and from the evening on, there might be sleet and snow, especially in the Dunántúl (Transdanubia). The rainfall will presumably reach the line of River Tisza by the evening. The wind will grow stronger and there will be storm boosts too on the Dunántúl.

Temperature will rise from -2, +5 °C to 8, 13°C  but in the Northern parts only 5, 6 degrees can be expected.

On Saturday, there will be a cloud cover on the sky. In the North-Western region, there will be rain in some places, but in the rest of the country, rain can be expected. In the Eastern parts, in more and more areas snow will arrive in the place of rain. Wind will grow stronger, especially in the Dunántúl. Temperature will be between 0 and +5 °C, on the Tiszántúl it might be even 6,7 °C during the day.

On Sunday, there might be rain and snow East from the Danube. The highest temperature during the day is expected to be between -1 and +3 °c.


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