jános nagy corruption

“The Budapest Regional Investigation Prosecutor’s Office is investigating bribery for abuse of office and other crimes. The party involved is János Nagy, Deputy State Secretary for Land Affairs of the Ministry of Agriculture” the Ministry of Agriculture said Wednesday night.

As they explained, the Minister of Agriculture István Nagy initiated the dismissal of the Deputy State Secretary.

According to 24.hu, the Central Investigation Prosecutor General’s Office previously announced that a senior ministry official had been detained on suspicion of a corruption offense.

Nearly sixty people took part in the coordinated debunking action of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Monitoring, searching and seizures at several locations were followed by looking for witnesses. The interrogations of witnesses and suspects led to results.

The office explained that according to the well-founded suspicion, an undue advantage was offered in order to assist in the successful winning of the tender for the investment and the acquisition of land by using the contacts connected to the official position of a senior ministry official.

Due to the non-refundable support planned to be won by the entrepreneur through the exercise of official influence, the entrepreneur recommended a 5% share of ownership from his company to the ministry official.

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Source: www.24.hu

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