In Hungary we can enjoy the blissful benefits of spas and the drinking cures that come with them. have compiled the different kinds of medicinal waters we may need depending on the medical conditions we have to attend.


Table and chloride waters

In Hungary, the most distinguishing feature of table salt water is its strong adhesion to the skin, which can be explained by its electric charge. The adhering salt stimulates the immune system for longer. During this period, skin temperature is temporarily increased, which leads to a higher metabolic rate. These kinds of medicinal waters, which are mostly found on the Great Hungarian Plain, have powerful anti-inflammatory effects. This has been used to reduce inflammation in gynaecology, urology and dermatology.


Iodine and bromine waters

The biological effects of iodine include reduced inflammation, uric acid and blood sugar levels, increased peripheral blood circulation and stimulate ovarian function.  Iodine is absorbed by the respiratory tract during bathing. It reduces the inflammation of the ovary, the female genital organs, the prostate, the urinary tract, and it is especially effective against psoriasis. It can also improve circulatory and musculoskeletal disorders. This kind of water can be found in Hajdúszoboszló, Cserkeszőlő, Debrecenben and Pesterzsébet.


Calcium, Magnesium and hydrogen-carbonate waters

Mostly commonly known as soil-lime water, these can be mostly enjoyed in Transdanubia and Budapest.  The calcium has a localised anti-inflammatory effect, which assists with diuresis and the removal of non-embedded kidney stones. In addition to these, it is also recommended against musculoskeletal issues and osteoporosis. Spas in Budapest that offer this kind of water include Császár, Lukács, Rácz, Rudas and Gellért bath houses.


Sulfide-containing sulfur waters

Sulfur not only enters our bodies by penetrating through the skin, but via breathing as well. It can reach tissues that do not have blood supply such as cartilage. Thanks to the water, the sulfur content of the cartilage increases, thus reducing the risk of degenerating joints. Sulfur into the body dilates the coronary arteries of the heart, which improves the heart’s blood supply. It can also be used to treat skin lesions that occur as a result of neural disease and radiation. As a form of drinking cure, it can harmonise the digestive system and stimulate breathing. Both Harkány and Mezőkövesd have sulfuric waters.


Carbonated waters

The most common effect of carbonic acid is the expansion of superficial blood vessels. This increases blood levels in the muscles and tissue, thus leading to higher supply of oxygen to the lungs.  Carbonated baths are mostly recommended for the treatment of heart and vascular diseases, as it improves the blood supply to the heart and the functioning of the organs. During the bathing period, the veins and arteries of the skin expand, reducing heart pressure.


Radon waters

Despite occurring quite rarely, waters containing radon gas have a very beneficial effect on the physiological function of the body. Radon partly enters the skin via respiration, infiltrating into different types of tissue and fluids. As a result our veins widen, our blood pressure falls, and the pain subdues. They are recommended for musculoskeletal diseases, neuritis and caring for any injuries that may have arisen after an accident. These kinds of spas can be found in Eger, Miskolctapolca, Hévíz and the Rudas and Gellért bath houses in Budapest.


Iron waters

In the baths, iron is absorbed through the skin. It is a cure for iron deficiency anaemia and gynaecological problems. It may also be used to gain strength after an operation.


Alkaline waters

They are primarily used for drinking cures. It is also bottled, which is useful to treat respiratory, intestinal and gastric diseases. The most well-known and effective one is the renowned Salvus spa water in Bükkszék.


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