BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, Bentley, Ferrari, all the big brands are popular among the upper one per cent of Hungarians. Let’s see what kind of cars the wealthiest of the wealthy buy, which often cost someone’s earnings of a lifetime.

Pénzcentrum found out from Datahouse that this year so far, 143 new luxury cars were registered in Hungary; their prices put together are worth billions of forints. The most expensive car that was registered this year was a 100-million-Ferrari.

A slight decrease is noticeable, as the number already reached 182 this time last year. 


Sportscars are still extremely popular: 502 new sportscars were registered in the first six months of 2019, which is 88 more than this time in 2018.

  1. Ford Mustang: 118 new cars were registered (58 more than last year), prices start from 40,000 Euros
  2. Mercedes AMG GT: 57 new cars were registered, prices are around 156,000 Euros
  3. Mercedes CLS: 41 new vehicles were registered, price around 61,350 Euros

Most expensive sportscars

The rarest sportscars that were registered this year were all Ferraris: four Ferrari Portofinos, two Ferrari 812 Superfasts (307,000 Euros = 100 million Forints), and two Ferrari 488s (245,400 Euros, roughly 80 million Forints) has been registered so far this year.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast was the most expensive car sold this year in Hungary.

Luxury cars

The popularity of BMW, Mercedes, and Audi seem to be unbroken.

  1. BMW 7: 42 registered new cars
  2. Mercedes S: 33 registered new cars
  3. Audi A8: even though it is the third most popular choice this year, half as many cars were registered this year as during the same time last year.

Most expensive luxury cars

Nine Lexuses (LS500H) were bought this year, each worth around 92,000 Euros. The even more expensive Mercedes Maybach was also popular, 5 have been registered this year, each costing around 122,700 Euros. Four Bentley Continentals were also registered worth between 122,700 and 368,000 Euros depending on its specifications.

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