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There are millions of people who are afraid to fly in an airplane because of different phobias that they have. Surprisingly, various surveys and reviews actually prove that air travels are much safer than any other traveling mode.

You might have definitely come across various movies that show about plane crashes. There are prominent films made on popular air crashes such as “We are Marshall, Die Hard 2, Snakes on a Plane, and lots more other movies.

But what you need to keep in mind is that those are movies and are quite far from reality. If you have watched these movies and making a perception that air travel is not safe, then you might be wrong.

How is Flying Safe than other modes of travel?

The reality is quite different because of the presence of efficient airlines who work 24×7 to provide you with the best experience and safe travel.

In the year 2018, there were about 556 people who passed away in approximately 15 fatal airplane crashes across the globe. It is an alarming statistic, and airlines are working together to minimize or instead eliminate such circumstances to be witnessed  in the coming years.

However, if you look at the statistics of the number of people who traveled via flights in 2018 was over 4.3 billion. If you consider these statistics, it becomes quite evident why you should be choosing air travel rather than any other transportation modes.

The chances of you getting involved in any sort of airplane crashes are significantly less.

If you consider the same statistics, only one plane crashes in every 3 million flights. Even if you are facing the situation of a crash, it doesn’t mean that death is the only outcome. Pilots, air hosts, and air hostess are appropriately trained to tackle these situations.

So, for all the airlines, your safety is their priority. They are also continuously working to reduce the number of accidents that are caused because of human errors.

If you are currently traveling and reading these pieces of information, your odds to survive an air accident are significantly high.

If you are flying in an American airline, then you can use various tracking apps which can help you to get to know about American Airlines flight information even in mid-air. Moreover, to enhance your travel experience further, consider booking your next flight with your favourite airline through Faremart, a highly designed platform serving the masses with the best travel services.

According to the survey conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board, more than 76 percent of the people survive in any fatal airline accident.

However, the passengers may get minor to major injuries depending on the situation. Keeping all these statistics in mind, you can still consider that air travels are much safer than any other transportation mode.

If you are traveling in a commercial airline which nowadays most of the people do, it’s still less likely that you will get killed in any airplane crashes. Even if you are flying in your private plane, you are still safe as the number of precautions the airline provider takes is commendable.

To keep it short, you can be assured that you will reach your preferred destination safe and secured.

3 reasons proving that airlines are much safer to travel

The above data shows the exact picture of why is it safe for you to travel in the air. However, let’s get to know some interesting reasons why you should be considering air travel and not any other transportation mode.

  1.    The critical systems present in the flight ensures your safety

There are hundreds and thousands of flights that fly every day. This basically means that all the flights come in contact with lightning strikes of the cloud every day, handles heavy pressure every day, moisture, electromagnetic fields, and lots more other factors.

These are some natural factors that cannot be mitigated under any circumstances; however, it is still safe to travel in the air. How can we say that?

All the aircraft that are built by professionals and experts have critical systems within the flights that are capable of handling these lightning strikes, extreme pressure, and so on.

These critical systems comprised of shielded wiring across the aircraft and shielded enclosures which are grounded to the airplanes strategically.

With the technological enhancements taking place in recent years, there are numerous loop resistance testers or commonly known as LRT introduced in the market that helps in testing the shielding systems.

These shielding systems keep you safe and away from the direct contact of the extreme pressure and the lightning strikes.

  1.    Air Traffic Controllers keep you safe

There are lots of new technologies and incredible mechanisms introduced in the market that makes your air travel smoother and safer.

It not only makes your journey safe but also helps the pilot to a great extent.

There are air traffic controllers who sit within the towers directing the plane to travel smoothly through the upper sky. With the advancement of the technologies, these air traffic controllers can get a good view and better insight that would help the pilot to fly in the correct direction.

With GPS coming into existence, it gives more accurate results to the air-traffic controllers to provide accurate directions and real-time data to the pilot about the conditions of the place they are flying to.

This not only allows the pilot to travel at a faster pace and through efficient routes, but it also improves the safety and security of the plane. Hence, it simultaneously reduces the possibilities of air collisions or crashes to a significant extent.

In addition to the above, advanced technological systems also help in identifying and dodging the bad weather easily.

Apart from this, it also helps in shortening the delays caused because of the weather issues, which means you will reach your destination in the correct stipulated time.

  1.    Pilot protocols

With the advancements taking place in the aircraft technological sphere, there are also new protocols generated for the pilots who have to abide by it.

There are lots of incidents that take place because of issues between pilots and co-pilots or pilots.

The FAA has introduced few new rules and regulations after a tragic incident caused in the year of 2014, which limits the time of all the crew members who spend most of their time in the cockpit.

It also focuses on the pilot’s health and the amount of free time he or she is getting between the usual shifts.

The rules and regulations state that all the pilots should be given at 10 hours of rest time before a flight duty, and eight of enough sleep should be devoted.

There’s another rule that states that if a pilot is under the influence of any substance abuse or alcohol, the other pilot can take control of the flight with immediate effect and he or she has all the rights to demand a Breathalyzer.

If the pilot fails the alcohol screening test, then he would not be allowed to fly the airplane and can even be suspended.

Final Words

Now, you would have understood that why flying is better than other travel modes and safer than you think.

By any chance, if you are going through a plane crash, you will still survive the crash.

That’s what the above-represented data and statistics show. What you need to do is trust the airlines, its employees, and the services it provides.


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