It’s no secret that many people from around the world make the choice to emigrate to another country. Although in some places this can be a massive culture shock, for the most part people who emigrate live in their chosen location happily for many years of their lives. One of the upcoming destinations that more and more people are choosing is Hungary, but why is it that Hungary is becoming steadily more popular as a place to live, and why should you consider visiting or moving to Hungary?

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The Technicalities

There are many reasons why Hungary is becoming an increasingly popular place to move to. With it’s capital city being Budapest, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the top visited countries. Hungary is a vital member of the European Union and accepted an agreement that facilitates the act of free movement between members. In this respect, Hungary is very liberal in its immigration policies, and therefore could be a good choice to move to in Europe. Hungary is also made up of a high-income mixed economy with an emphasis on foreign trade – it’s one of the more complex economies in the world. Despite this, there is a low amount of income inequality in Hungary, so the citizens of this country enjoy a high living standard. That alone is enough to make Hungary an appealing option! Because of the liberal immigration policies, and high living standard, if you’re already a resident of a country that’s in the EU. However, if you are wanting to make some extra cash by selling your house prior to the big move but don’t want to wait around for it to happen, consider using a UK company such as who will buy any home for cash.

The Food

Living in Hungary, you’ll never go hungry! The local cuisine is not only delicious but is hearty food that’ll give your own traditional dishes a run for their money. Expect traditional and warming dishes such as goulash to be available wherever you go. 

It’s Naturally Beautiful

As well as having some of the most wonderful architecture in the world, Hungary is also home to some of the most beautiful natural sites in the world you’re likely to see. Unlike with the vast majority of “natural” spectacles, in Hungary most of them are undiscovered and are therefore thoroughly unspoiled. You can visit and embrace all different sorts of nature, ranging from the grassy green landscapes of Hortobágyi National Park to the mysterious and historical caves of Lillafured. The peace and beauty of Hungary’s countryside would be difficult to rival.

It’s Living Cost is Inexpensive

As previously mentioned, citizens of Hungary enjoy a good quality of life because its living costs are so inexpensive. Even Budapest, its capital city, is cheap enough to visit for a weekend trip, and it’s full of food, drink, and attractions. 

Visit the Thermal Baths

One of the things that Hungary is easily most famous for, is the quality and quantity of its all natural thermal baths.

Not only are these perfect for a day of relaxation and soaking up the traditional culture, but they also have certain medicinal benefits. Imagine having this readily available and on your doorstep.

Its Own History

There is so much to learn about Hungary’s history. In fact, its very own folklore is prevalent, and the city is drenched in small nods to it everywhere you go.

Traditional arts and crafts inspired by folklore are still regularly created to this day, and there are plenty of museums to visit if you want to educate yourself further. In Budapest, you can find the Museum of Ethnography, and near to the town of Szentendre is the Skanzen Open Air Museum. If immersing yourself in history is something you’re interested in, then this will be right up your street as both are filled with nods to rural Hungary of years gone by and replicas of all sorts of Hungarian villages.

The Wine

Last, but certainly not least, the local wines are to die for. Wine lovers, this is the place for you to set up camp, because in Hungary is one of the seven main winegrowing regions. Some of the world’s most famous wines were made and matured in Hungary, and you can sample them easily. There are numerous vineyards and wine tasting events and tours that can make Hungary a desirable location for anyone who enjoys a large glass of good quality wine.

With perks like that, who wouldn’t want to move here!

  1. The opportunity for a long lasting career. Too bad Hungarian young people do not see the obvious and remain in Hungary.

  2. well certainly don’t retire here. If you need medication or hospitalization you will be left to fend for yourself, or be given ancient grey haired doctors to ” look after” you in run down decrepit hospitals. Don’t be a fool, don’t do it!

  3. This article contains conclusion like it was written by highschool kid. “Citizens of this country enjoy high living standards.” I hope it is sarcastic or this journalist is seriously delusional. In terms of living standards Hungary behind countries like Saudi Arabia, Brunei, and is located between Chile and Argentina in the rankings of the UN’s Human Development Index. It is just pure stupidity to call a country high income where the median salary is roughly 500 EUR…. 🙂

  4. The statements about Hungarians enjoying a high living standard and the immigration laws being very liberal are patently false. I have lived in Hungary for many years and love it, absolutely love it, for all of the other reasons listed in the article and more. But liberal immigration policies apply to EU residents and perhaps citizens of other well-off nations. The Prime Minister is xenophobic, and his policies reflect that if you are talking about people of color from the Middle East or Africa. And most Hungarians struggle to pay the bills. It is certainly very cost friendly if you are living on US dollars or the euro. Young people have few good employment opportunities, and they need to have them now, not in 10 years, or they must go elsewhere in the EU to establish themselves financially. Again, I love Hungary very, very much, but this article is incorrect and misleading in terms of the local economy and the full immigration realities.

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