Wine is one of Hungary’s national symbols, thanks to the presence of several excellent wine regions and the tradition of the Hungarian winemaking. When consumed in moderation, it is known for a number of beneficial effects: it protects blood vessels and heart. This year’s Wine Festival takes place, besides the special wines, in the spirit of playfulness. You can test your knowledge of wine with Quizzes, participate in the “Festival Wine of Year” vote, discover the wines made of Hungarian grapes with the help of recommended routes and you can win valuable prizes, said.

Wine University

In the course, which will be held on September 7, you can hear recognized experts’ interesting lectures bound together with wine tasting and hear useful information. Wine University has become almost a family event, the core of the audience is made up of regular students. This year, Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region presents itself with excellent wines as a courtesy of Tokaj Commerce House.

A pair of wine pairs

This will be a kind of “tasting test” for the savvy audience. Winemakers can taste the wine pairs in a “buy one – get one free” system, because one half of the pair will be free.

Taste of Hungary: Hungary’s most beautiful wines

The primary purpose of the program, which was launched last year, is to raise awareness through the carefully selected wines of the diversity of Hungarian wines, the characteristics of local grape varieties and domestic wine styles. More than 200 wineries exhibit at the event, which covers all Hungarian wine-growing places and almost all grape varieties.


In addition to wines, of course, excellent food are preparing for you which can be tasted for 5 days.

Orszagkonyha is waiting for you with the wide range of Hungarian festival food, it also supplies a regional food, the Kanizsa dodolle.

Csulok Csarda will tempt you with smoked-cooked trotters, and you can also try focaccia with arugula and Parma ham.

At the Cheese Competition of Nations” stall, you can try American cheese specialties as well.

Other programs

In Butlers Wine Quiz Bar, you can test your knowledge of wine. After the game you can spin the Wine Festival wheel of fortune.

“Festival Wine of the Year” vote is organized this year too. The maker of the festival’s most popular wine gets a certificate of merit on the last day of the festival.

This is the 17th time when charity wine auction will be held. The Hungarian Maltese Charity Service will get the money to create workplaces for people with disabilities.

As part of children programs,  arts and crafts are waiting for the children between 12 and 18 on Saturday and Sunday. The sessions will focus on the re-use of cork stoppers, in the spirit of environmental consciousness. There will be free face painting for kids as well.


Daily ticket: HUF 3000
5-day pass: HUF 7000

Set table: HUF 15.200/person (until September 4)
Wine University: HUF 4500 (until September 4)

Opening hours

September 9-10-11: 14-24
September 12: 12-24
September 13: 12-22

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