Turizmusonline.hu writes that the Hungarian Catering Guild (MVI) and 16 professional organizations rewarded János Czubor and Frigyes Vomberg with the Gundel Károly Award.

The press conference announcing the winners was held in the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism, on September 23, the birthday of Károly Gundel, restaurateur and gastronomy writer, in whose honour the Award is given. Professionals could win the Award this year, which consists of a plaque, a brooch and a certificate, for the third time. Two of the 18 entries got the appreciation.

The winners were János Czubor, titular heir of the Gundel Károly Catering and Tourism High School, and owner of several acknowledgements, who won the Gundel Award posthumously, and Frigyes Vomberg, who has been leading the preparation of the Hungarian team through the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy, worked as chef and head cook, and graduated as a professional catering trainer.

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The Gundel Károly Award is an exceptional acknowledgement in the profession, according to László Kovács, president of the MVI, it can be regarded as the Kossuth Award for restaurateurs. In order to become awarded people have to be nominated and fit several factors. Only those can be nominated who have been especially successful in Hungarian catering for at least 25 years, have an impeccable professional past and an exemplary course of life.

Moreover, the historical traditions of Hungarian catering should be kept and the professionals shall be determined to renew the traditions, support the professional development of the younger generations, and contribute to the popularization of Hungarian catering.

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Source: turizmusonline.hu

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