Kékestetõ, 2017. november 19. Havas fák Kékestetõn 2017. november 19-én. MTI Fotó: Komka Péter

Femcafe.hu reports that winter is really coming with all the frost, chilling and snow, so be prepared for it and do not forget your warm clothes at home.

Based on the weather forecast of köpönyeg.hu, from Tuesday morning, there comes the frost and the severe low temperature, so eventually, winter sets in. Unfortunately, it is expected that the situation will not change in the following weeks either, so winter has definitely arrived.

Although on Tuesday morning, beautiful sunny weather is expected and the temperature is going to be around 6°C, we cannot enjoy it for long, as on Tuesday night, the temperature is going to fall below the freezing point.

Wednesday is going to be a cloudy day with some shower as well (4mm), so do not leave your warm clothes, including your scarf, cap and gloves at home, as the temperature might reach -4°C.

To the delight of some people, we might wake up for a snowy Thursday morning. The temperature is going to be around 0-1°C. Some parts of Hungary can enjoy the falling snow, while rain might also occur in some other areas. Based on the weather forecast, the temperature is not going to drop below 0°C.

The calendar winter starts on 1 December when it is predicted that along with the 1-3°C during the day, some snow can also be expected.

This chilly weather continues in the weekend (2-3 December), too, when on both days, snow and rain are to be expected. During the nights, the temperature is forecast to fall as low as  -3°C, -4°C  and unfortunately, it is unknown for how long we should expect this cold.

If this tendency continues, however, we might hope that after so many years, finally, we will have a white Christmas. 🙂

featured image: MTI, snow in the Mátra

Source: femcafe.hu; köpönyeg.hu

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