In order to protect homeless people and to define the tasks that need to be carried out during the winter months, Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér held talks with Mayor of Budapest István Tarlós, Deputy State Secretary Erika Zupcsán from the Ministry of Human Resources, Government Commissioner Imre Pesti, Chief of Police Károly Papp and Vice-President of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service Miklós Vecsei.

The parties concluded that there are currently 11 000 places available for homeless people who wish to spend the winter months under more human circumstances and while receiving proper care.

The Minister declared that, if needed, the Ministry of Interior would provide further places with the participation of the Disaster Management Authority so that no homeless people will remain without care over the winter due to a lack of free places.

The Ministry of Interior is cooperating with the City of Budapest and with other governmental institutions and charity services to avoid the development of life threatening situations caused by the cold or a lack of proper care.

The cooperating institutions will do their best to ensure that the information reaches those who are affected. In order to provide proper winter care, homeless shelters will receive an extra HUF 372.9 million in funding.

Ministry of Interior


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