According to the information of the Italian press, the Hungarian company Wizz Air made an offer for purchasing Alitalia. The reports claim that the liquidators contacted 32 applicants recently who have shown interest in buying the airline company. It seems that Lufthansa’s requirements are too high.

Though the press depicted Lufthansa-holding as the most probable buyer of Alitalia, there are multiple candidates for purchasing the Italian company. suggests that the Italian media reported about 32 applicants which Alitalia contacted because of a possible purchase. These companies showed interest in Alitalia or its fragments last summer.

The preparation of the selling is still in progress. The future of the employees seemed to be the most critical issue during the discussions with Lufthansa. The German holding intends to decrease the number of workers, while the Italian party tries to save as many jobs for their former employees as possible. Lufthansa insists that the current owners should execute the dismissal of a certain number of workers before they sell the company.

The most recent reports state that Wizz Air is also interested in buying Alitalia. approached the Hungarian low-cost airline company (which just announced to open its new base in Vienna), but they replied that they do not intend to comment press releases. It is not officially confirmed whether they made an offer or not.

The most recent releases report that Wizz Air accessed the financial documents of Alitalia, and they seem to be concerned about the Italian company.

Delta Airlines and Air France-KLM were also mentioned earlier; the latter one denied these claims.

Easyjet, on the other hand, confirmed that it has serious intentions for the purchase. The British company did not share any details concerning the case.

The liquidators of Alitalia mentioned that they had not used the 900 million euros of state loan yet. They also hope that the airline company might show a 3 percent increase in the first quarter of 2018.

Parliamentary elections will be held in Italy in March, and some people say that it is the government’s interest to push the solution of the sensitive problem of Alitalia into the next governance cycle.

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