Budapest Local Government, along with BVA Budapest City Image Nonprofit Ltd., Design Terminal, Vodafone Hungary and Hello World set up a huge Christmas tree at the Erzsebet Square, Budapest. By joining the campaign of the Interchurch Aid (HIA), the raw material of the Donation Tree, which was made of 40 tons of firewood, will be delivered to families in need, wrote.

In 2014, the news of the huge Christmas tree in Budapest was spread around the world.


This year, even more joined the initiative – Budapest Local Government, BVA Budapest City Image Nonprofit Ltd., Design Terminal, Vodafone Hungary, Budapest Transport Center, Budapest Public Area Maintenance Ltd. – to help the needy in this joint collaboration.


The team of Hello Wood – supplemented with industrial alpinists – built the huge Christmas tree from 40 tons of firewood on the Erzsebet Square. The 16-meter-high 30-sq m installation was built for more than a week. There is a lookout in the interior, wrote.


Laszlo Lehel, leader of HIA thanked the extensive collaboration and said: “Not only its size and the artistic creativity, but also its message makes the Donation Tree unique: it calls for an acting solidarity before the firewood itself becomes help, for the families in need”.


The installation symbolizes unity until the Epiphany, while it also draws attention to the fact that the creation of a warm home is difficult for thousands of families. In 2015, the monumental Christmas tree operates as a donation point as well.


It is possible to offer direct financial donations, of which HIA buys firewood for the needy. Anyone can join the national collaboration through the phone number 1353. A phone call or text message means a HUF 250 donation.


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