Mark Wiens, a famous gastro blogger, visited Hungary again, and he tried pork greaves, goulash, and stew. He shared several videos of his adventures on his YouTube channel which has over 6 million followers.

We have written about him once before, but one of the most popular gastro bloggers, Mark Wiens, visited Budapest again. Szeretlek Magyarország drew our attention to the fact that Mark documented his adventures in Hungary in three new videos he uploaded on his channel.

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In his first video, Mark Wiens visits the Chinatown in Budapest. He also mentions in the introduction that you can find remarkable Chinese restaurants in the Hungarian capital even by European standards. He ended up really liking the food, just as expected.

In his next video, he tries Hungarian street food. He also tastes salami, pork greaves, sausages, and blood and liver sausages as well.

In the third video, he visits some of the most famous sights of Budapest. But it would not be the same without food. He tastes strudel, goulash, and the famous stew and nokedli (Hungarian dumpling) combination.

It seems like he liked Hungarian cuisine very much.

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Source: Szeretlekmagyarorszá

  1. Glad more people can see the delicious foods from here in Hungary because he has a lot of followers. But as a seasoned foodie, I wish he would pump up his gastronomic vocabulary and not be so repetitive. Also, a real food critic would taste that excellent homemade kolbasz without the mustard first. Eeeeee.

  2. I too had a memorable meal at Nancsi Neni – a great restaurant! The duck is heavenly!

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