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The American Hollywood superstar, Jason Momoa, arrived in Hungary the day before yesterday to start shooting his new film, Dune. He will stay here until August 25 to reshoot some scenes for the film. Of course, in the evenings, he is jumping into the nightlife of Budapest, and it seems that he spent his first night together with his doppelganger, the Hungarian Balázs Megyeri Blaise.

According to Bors Online, the American superstar had a really good time in the company of Mr Megyeri. Interestingly, the Hungarian man is not only a doppelganger but he regularly substitutes Momoa in different movies, for example, in the new Dune film.

Mr Megyeri had told Bors before that he played in advertisements and appeared in The Witcher and Midsommar, a Swedish folk horror movie, both shot in Hungary. He added that he played long-bearded men with long hair in both films. 

He highlighted that it happened before that people said he looked very similar to Jason Momoa, and finally, the casting director went to him and said they selected him to play the American movie star. First, he thought they were kidding, but he later realised that Momoa needs a substitute for scenes where he does not play an important role, for example, he is wandering in the background or listening to a conversation. The filmmakers do not call Momoa while shooting those scenes because that would be very expensive, so they substitute him with his Hungarian doppelganger.

We reported before that

Momoa has already been to Budapest many times.

For example, last time, he got a tattoo in the parlour of a famous Hungarian tattoo artist together with one of his friends and personal trainer Mada Abdelhamid. According to the reports, the Hollywood superstar adored his new tattoo which was made by a man named Róbert. Aquaman had visited the Parliament and the St. Stephen’s Basilica before and, according to some videos, he was charmed by the many beauties of the Hungarian capital.


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A long and hard, but magical and unforgettable journey leading to Arrakis, I wouldn’t trade a single moment. And the real journey, the real adventure, is just beginning. I am indescribably grateful that there was room for me on board as well. Being with both the director icon, Denis Villeneuve, and the actor legends in an adaptation of a Frank Herbert book, though, is truly a lifelong experience and a fantastic honor. But still the dearest benefit to me for the Dune is that I was able to work with my Brother. I was a cursed, space assassin Sardaukar soldier and I also had to jump into some scenes instead of Jason Momoa. Thank you Jason @prideofgypsies for your inspiring example, humanity, professionalism, environmental responsibility, and last but not least, thank you for working together! Mahalo Aquaman, God bless you! Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, Mr. Jason Momoa, and some hippie! Special Thanks to: @balint.megyeri , Dora Takacs, Kim Fardy @kim_fardy and Damien Bray @da_bray ! Happy Birthday, Hungary! #shooting #double #jasonmomoa #aquaman #rocknroll

Megyeri Balázs Blaise (@blaisemegyeri) által megosztott bejegyzés,

Source: borsonline.hu

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