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Budapest is one of the hubs of European traffic, so German electric car-sharing company, We Share, is planning to come to the Hungarian capital.

In 2020, they plan to expand their services to seven major European cities. In Prague and Hamburg, they will come already in the spring while Paris, Madrid, Budapest, Munich, and Milan will follow over the course of the year, villanyautosok.hu reported. The company will offer an all-electric fleet with a total of about 8,400 electric vehicles in all of the above-mentioned cities. In Prague and Budapest, WeShare will cooperate with ŠKODA. Meanwhile, in other major cities in Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, WeShare vehicles on offer will include Volkswagen’s e-Golf and e-up! and the ID.3 from the end of the year. The company started to operate in the German capital last year with 1,500 e-Golf cars, but

now, it already has 50,000 registered customers in the city.

For us, 2020 will be a year of dramatic growth,” Philipp Reth, Chief Executive Officer of the company, said. “We are convinced that all-electric free-floating car-sharing will be a significant, scalable transitional element in the field of sustainable, shared mobility for a considerable amount of time on the way to automated transport systems,” he added. Their aim is to make a breakthrough in the cities and the wider public in using this environmentally friendly way of travelling. They hope that they will get support from the cities in, for example, the reduction of parking fees for the e-cars they offer and in the designation of new car-sharing areas in public spaces.

WeShare started to operate in Berlin in June 2019, and now, it has more than 50 thousand registered users for the service. 3/4th of them are active, which means that they have already used the WeShare service at least once. “In comparison with the sector as a whole,

this figure is very high and shows that WeShare is highly relevant for people’s urban mobility,

CEO Philipp Reth said. He added that in 2019, the WeShare fleet in Berlin completed more than three million kilometres, which equals an average of four to five trips per car and day.

As a “vehicle on demand” service, WeShare meets the needs of people who do not want to dispense with individual mobility. It is intended as a meaningful additional offering for all occasions when a car is practical and convenient.

Source: villanyautosok.hu

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